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December 15, 2017

How to Organize Your Self Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit can be a great way to declutter your home or safely stow away valuable items. Once you’ve got your unit, you’ll want to make sure that it’s accessible and that it’s easy to find all of your favorite items. Fortunately, Elite Self Storage has the supplies and advice that you need for organizing a storage unit effectively. Here are some of our tips.

Leave a Path

This is one of the most obvious ways to make your self storage unit more accessible. You want to be able to walk through your unit and access its contents as easily as possible. It may be tempting to make the most of your space and jam as much as you can into your storage unit, but that makes accessing any of your belongings a problem later.

Think About a Larger Unit

On that same note, if you can’t place everything in a spot that’s easily accessible you might just need a larger storage unit. It may cost more money, but a larger unit that leaves some breathing room for your stuff could more than make up for the extra rent with how much time it saves you.

Use Labeled Boxes That Are The Same Size

If you store your stuff in boxes that are all the same size, it makes it easier to stack boxes and make the most of the space that your self storage unit has to offer. Plus, keeping your things in boxes can help prevent them from gathering dust. Try to keep boxes of stuff that you might have to retrieve from time to time on the top. This could include things like seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, sports equipment, or documents. Labeling each box can make finding what you need even faster. As for the boxes on the bottom, make sure that they can stand up to the weight of other boxes placed on top of them. You don’t want to damage more fragile items by placing them on the bottom of a stack.

Dismantle Furniture

It might be easier to store some furniture items if you take them apart a bit first. A table that has had its legs removed could take up less space and fit in more easily with the rest of your stuff. Plus, it will be easier to maneuver into your storage unit.

Keep a List

Keeping a list of each item stored in your locker could also be extremely helpful. Knowing what you have in your unit can cut down on wasted trips and time. Did you ever visit your storage unit to grab something, only to realize that it’s actually stored in your attic or basement? Keeping a master list of each stored item can help you prevent that from happening again.

Make a Map

If you’re storing a lot of items in your self storage locker, it may even benefit you to create a map in addition to your list. Keep track of where all of your most important stuff is. That way, you can just make a beeline towards the exact thing that you need. You won’t have to waste time unpacking box after box or shifting objects around. With these tips and supplies from Elite Self Storage, an organized storage locker will serve you well for years to come.