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Storing a Bed
June 30, 2018

Properly Storing a Bed

Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that not every item you put into storage is the same. Depending on what you need to store, there are different ways to prepare and different things to consider. One object that can be tricky to store is your bed. You’ll want to make sure that your bed stays in great shape and that it’s ready for use again once you get it out of storage, so keep these tips in mind and get ready to properly store your bed.

Remove Your Bedding

The natural first step is to remove your sheets and blankets from your bed. Take these, fold them up, and put them away so that you can easily find them later. Moving your bed with the bedding on is more trouble than it’s worth. Not only could you get your sheets and other bedding dirty, but you could even end up ripping or damaging your bedding in transit. You’re better off putting it away safely.

Clean Your Mattress

Now that the bedding is out of the way, it’s time to clean your mattress. You can vacuum it and use some upholstery cleaner if needed. Once you’ve cleaned your mattress, let it sit and air out for a little while before moving it.

Wrap Up the Mattress

Wrapping up the mattress in bubble paper or another protective material serves multiple purposes. You’ll protect it from damage during the move, like rips and tears. You’ll also protect it from water damage and mold while it’s in storage. A properly wrapped mattress will be nice and fresh once you get it out of storage. Wrap up your box spring as well, since it can also get ripped and damaged during a move.

Take Apart the Frame

Now you have to disassemble your bed frame. It’s wise to wrap this up in bubble wrap too. It can get dinged up in transit, but you also have to worry about it scratching or scuffing surfaces and walls as you move it.

Store the Mattress Properly

Once you’ve arrived at the self storage facility, make sure that you store the mattress properly. Laying it down flat will keep it in better condition. This is its natural position, so it’s better for the springs and other parts inside of your mattress. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re not storing anything on top of your mattress. Doing that can damage the springs or cause cosmetic damage. If you find yourself running out of space, upgrading to a larger unit can help you keep your mattress and other belongings in better shape.

Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

Even if your bed has been properly wrapped and packed up for storage, you may still have to worry about the environment it’s stored in. Humidity and changes in temperature can cause issues, which is why a basement generally doesn’t serve as a good storage space for a mattress. Opting for a climate-controlled storage unit could help eliminate the possibility of the weather adversely affecting your bed. Contact us at (712) 560-9463 if you have any questions about climate-controlled storage or our other offerings.