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September 30, 2018

5 Things to Look for in a Self Storage Facility

Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that you have a lot of choices when you’re looking for a self storage facility. You also probably have a lot of different criteria for choosing the perfect place. Well, as experts in the field, we think that we can let you know exactly what to look for. No matter what you’re storing, here’s some of the biggest factors that should determine what kind of self storage facility you choose.


When you stow away your valuables, you want to make sure that they’re secure. You want to know that a self storage facility is doing everything in its power to keep your items safe. That’s why Elite Self Storage employs some of the latest safety advances around. You need a code to get into our facility. There’s video surveillance. The aisles and storage areas are well-lit. We even let customers use their own locks, so they’re confident that they’re the only one with a key. Taking these extra steps ensures that our facility is safer and that you’ll come back to a storage locker that hasn’t been tampered with. Security is one of our top priorities, and it should be one of yours when you’re looking for a storage locker.


You also need your storage facility to be convenient. If you can’t access your things when you need them, what’s the point of getting a storage unit? We allow twenty-four hour access. We’re conveniently located for customers here in Sioux City and the surrounding area. We also have drive up storage, so unloading and loading are never too challenging. Our facility also goes the extra mile by offering packing supplies to our customers. There’s no need to make multiple stops. We even offer month to month leases, so you won’t be stuck in a long-term commitment. We always make it convenient to store your items.

Specialty Services

If you’re looking for a more niche storage service, you may have to do some research. If you’re looking to park an RV, a boat, or another large vehicle, you want to know that your self storage facility can handle it. You also want to know that it’ll be safe to leave your vehicle there for an extended period of time. Your vehicle also needs to be easy to retrieve. Here at Elite Self Storage, we’re proud to offer storage for all types of vehicles.

Climate Control Options

Depending on what you’re storing, you may want to look into climate controlled options. Artwork, instruments, and other valuable items can be adversely affected by the heat and humidity. A climate controlled unit can give you peace of mind and prevent costly damage.

Low Risk of Damage

Speaking of damage, the weather isn’t the only thing that can damage your items. Pests, for instance, can be a big problem depending on what you have stored. Fortunately, we offer complimentary pest control here at our facility. You know that your items are in good hands and that they’ll come back to you in good condition when you store at Elite Self Storage.