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May 1, 2019

3 Must-Have Security Features to Look for in a Self Storage Facility

If you’re putting your stuff into storage, you want to know that it’s secure. No one wants to come back to a storage unit that’s been pilfered and no one wants to worry about their safety if they need to visit a storage locker late at night. That’s why we make security a top priority at Elite Self Storage. Here are some of the safety features that you should look for when looking for a secure self storage facility.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a must for any self storage facility. It can deter thieves that might want to see in your storage locker, and it can be used to catch anyone who does go through with a robbery. Well-positioned security cameras that give employees a good look at the entire facility can also help keep people who rent lockers safer. In case there’s an assault or attempted robbery, video surveillance can be used to help catch the culprit. Most of all, the installation of security cameras shows that a self storage facility is serious. It’s serious about safety and it’s serious about protecting your items. Be wary of a facility that doesn’t seem to think that a network of security cameras is a top priority.

A Good Perimeter

You also want to choose a self storage facility that has a solid perimeter. The goal of a storage facility should be to make it easy for customers to get in while making it tough for thieves to enter. Up to date security protocols, including frequently updated passwords that allow entry, and a robust barrier like a fence or concrete wall will make a facility much more secure. You can be sure that people who aren’t supposed to be getting into your locket aren’t going to be able to get into the facility at all when the proper investments in perimeters have been made.

Security Guards and Lighting

You also want to choose a self storage facility where security guards or other employees are on the premises at all times. This shows that a facility is interested in proactively protecting your items and you. Security footage is great, but the lack of guards or employees to act on problems in the moment is a drawback. Instead you want a facility where a problem can be spotted and dealt with swiftly, instead if one where someone can be caught on tape stealing and you have to hope that they’re caught later. Lighting is also important in a self storage facility. Our aisles are all well-lit, so that you can clearly see the area around you and we can spot suspicious characters easily. As an added bonus, well-lit aisles make moving things in and out safer and easier as well. A small investment in security goes a long way at a storage facility.

Your Secure Self Storage Provider in Sioux City, IA

When you rent from Elite Self Storage, your safety and security is a top priority. Don’t hesitate to visit our self storage facility to see what kinds of security we have to offer all of our customers. We look forward to fulfilling your storage needs!