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self storage protection from weather
February 15, 2020

How Our Storage Units Prevent Damage From Bugs and Environmental Hazards

Our storage facility offers the features you need to protect your most cherished belongings from bugs, environmental hazards, and many other types of damage.
There are few things worse than retrieving items that you haven’t used in a long time and realizing that they’ve been irreparably damaged. Whether it’s due to pests or due to environmental factors well beyond your control, so many different types of your possessions can be basically destroyed over time if they aren’t stored in a location that can protect from these kinds of external problems. Fortunately for our customers here in Sioux City, IA, Elite Self Storage offers the protection you need from most types of damage, meaning that your items will be just as you remember them when you come to retrieve them from your storage unit.

Protection From Changing Temperatures and Humidity

One common cause of damage to valuable items is a change in the weather. Changing humidity levels or temperatures can actually destroy a number of your belongings, from artwork and stamp collections to comic books and wooden furniture. Climate-controlled storage, offered at our self storage facility, can help prevent the most common types of damage to these precious items. Protecting against changes in temperature and humidity can help prevent the cracking, splitting, and warping of many items, ensuring that the belongings you stored are still in top shape when you come back to withdraw them. A garage or attic isn’t going to provide that layer of protection.

Protection From the Elements

Another advantage of our storage lockers is that they protect your items from the elements. Sunlight can cause some items to yellow or lose their luster. Rain and dampness can cause corrosion and rust. Hail can cause dents and even break glass, a big worry if you’re storing something like a vehicle. Fortunately, one of our self storage units protects from all of these things and much more. You’re not going to come back to grab something, only to realize that it’s been damaged by water or aged by the sun. A wide range of items, like furniture, vehicles, and collectibles, can benefit from storage in our well-protected units.

Protection From Pests

If you decide to store items in a garage or crawlspace they could quickly become new homes for all manner of pests. Mice, bugs, and other vermin can get into boxes of stored items easily, destroying your belongings or leaving behind droppings that could be a health hazard. Our storage facility is proactive about preventing this problem with our free professional pest control services.

Protection from Mold and Bacteria

Common home storage areas, like the basement or attic, can be a hotbed for mold and bacteria growth. Our climate-controlled storage units can help prevent the growth of mold by avoiding big swings in humidity and moisture levels. Mold can become an expensive problem quickly, becoming hard to get rid of or outright destroying items all on its own. Our storage facility can help you avoid it in the first place.

Your Secure Self Storage Solution in Sioux City, IA

If you have precious items like artwork, collectibles, or antiques, our storage solutions can help you protect them better than your attic, garage, or crawlspace can. Contact Elite Self Storage at (712) 560-9463 to see how and learn more about our self storage features and services.