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winter equipment for storage
May 15, 2020

Winter Stuff Taking Up Space? Get a Storage Unit!

Winter is over, which means that you probably have a lot of unused winter stuff taking up space right now. Why not store it away in one of our units instead?
Winter has come and gone, and now you’re noticing that all of your winter stuff takes up quite a lot of space. You’re not going to need it for a while, so why not rent a storage unit? At Elite Self Storage we offer secure self storage that you can rely on year round, and we’ll make it easy to store away your winter gear until you need it again. Here are some of the items you should think about storing.

Winter Clothes

Heavy coats, snow pants, boots, and other winter clothing is often bulky, which means that each item can take up a lot of closet space. Multiply by each family member, and you have a lot of space that can be freed up in your home. You can put away coats, sweaters, long johns, and so much more in one of our storage units. Just make sure you wash and dry them first so you don’t have to worry about damage or mold.

Sports Equipment

Winter sports equipment can take up a lot of space in your garage, but our secure self storage unit can accommodate it all for you. Store away snowboards, skies, poles, and sleds until the slopes get snowy again. You can also stow away your ice skates and hockey equipment. Many of our units even have room for a snowmobile! Just keep it off of the ground with pallets for extra protection.

Snow Removal Equipment

We can store away snow removal equipment for you as well. Snow shovels and snow blowers can take up a lot of room in your garage or shed. Just remember that climate-controlled storage might work better for equipment like snow blowers, so look into all of the storage options and features available at our facility!

Holiday Decorations

You don’t need holiday decorations taking up space in your home all year. Instead, store them in one of our storage units. Plastic Christmas trees, ornaments, decorative lights, and yard decorations can all be safely stored away until you need them next. Then you can make better use of your attic, closet, and garage space at home.

Winter Tires

Some vehicles benefit from winter tires. These are designed to offer more traction in winter driving conditions, meaning that you can stay safer on roads that are filled with snow or slush. They’re not really needed when the weather gets nicer though, so they often end up taking up a lot of room in drivers’ garages. Storing them in one of our units can save you space and ensure that your snow tires are protected from damage, ready to go for the next winter.

Safely Storing Your Seasonal Items in Sioux City

Of course, we can safely store a variety of other items too. Visit Elite Self Storage today to see the units we have available and the features that we have to offer. We bet that you’ll soon understand why we’re the affordable storage facility Sioux City relies on.