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May 30, 2020

Top Tips for Storing Collectibles

If you go to the effort of storing collectibles, you’ll want to do it right. See how you can protect your valuables in one of our safe and secure storage units
If you’re going to the effort to organize and store your collectibles, you want to make sure that you’re doing it right. What could be worse than coming back to your prized comic book, vinyl, or artwork collection after some time away, just to find them damaged and completely worthless? That’s why you should look into a storage unit here at Elite Self Storage. We have the self storage features Sioux City residents rely on, and we can give you the tips you need to keep your collectibles in top shape year round.

Comic Books

A good comic book collection can hold a lot of value, but comic books are fragile. They’re only made from paper, after all. You’ll want to bag them individually and store them in a cool, dry location. Excess humidity can warp and stain your collection, ruining whatever value each book once held. Climate-controlled storage is a great option for anyone storing comics.


Vinyl records have made a massive comeback in recent years. Whether you’re dabbling in the medium for the first time or you’ve been collecting for decades, you probably know that these items need to be well cared for. Changes in temperature can damage records, causing them to expand and shrink over and over again. This causes them to become deformed, which means they’re not going to be playing beautiful music again anytime soon. Album art can also become faded or otherwise damaged due to changing temperatures and humidity levels. As with comics, climate-controlled self storage is a must for vinyl records.


Electronic devices can be damaged by high humidity levels. Make sure you get climate-controlled storage. Taking items out and plugging them in to turn them on occasionally is also a good idea.

Trading Cards

Trading cards can suffer the same fate as comic books if not properly protected. Storing each one in a hard plastic case, easily found at your local hobby store, and opting for climate-controlled storage is the best option here. This is how you can prevent warping and damage due to changes in the weather.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture also benefits from climate-controlled storage, but you need to do a bit more prep work yourself. A wax treatment before your furniture goes into storage is a big help if you want to avoid cracking and splitting. Clean out drawers to avoid damage from other items being moved around. Also remember to cover with sheets or a cloth instead of bubble or plastic wrap. Wooden furniture needs to “breathe” and wrapping it too tightly can cause damage.


Some toys and action figures can be worth a lot of money if properly cared for. Keep them in climate-controlled storage and make sure that you pick a facility that offers pest control, like ours for example!

Your Climate-Controlled Storage Headquarters in Sioux City

If you’re in need of secure and climate-controlled storage for your collectibles, we’re ready to assist you. Talk to the storage experts at Elite Self Storage today and see how we can help you ensure that they stay in mint condition!