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storing your house hold project equipment
September 30, 2020

24-Hour Storage in Sioux City: Perfect for Repair Jobs Around the House!

Doing a DIY project or home repair takes your full attention and a lot of space, so store away items that could be damaged in one of our secure storage units.
If you’re doing a DIY project or making repairs around your house, you want as much room as possible. One way to do that is by getting rid of stuff that’s in the way. If you’re in the mood for spring cleaning and have a lot of stuff to throw out, sell or donate, but what if you don’t?

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If that stuff that’s in the way is stuff you plan to keep, then just move it somewhere else temporarily. May we suggest one of our secure and affordable storage lockers? At Elite Self Storage we don’t lock you into a long locker lease. You can just store things away for a bit, get that project done, and come back for your belongings. Here are some benefits of using one of our storage units while you work.

You Protect Your Belongings

This is one of the best reasons to store away some of your stuff during a DIY project or repair job. As you’re moving around working, you could bump into things and break them. You might get debris and dust all over them. If you’re working with paint, that’s an even bigger hazard. Just stow your stuff away and keep everything safe from damage! You can stay focused on the job at hand without worrying about damage to anything else.

More Room for Materials

If you’re doing a repair or DIY project, you need a lot of space. You don’t just need room to work. You also need room to store materials, some of which might be fragile. Don’t try and shove the materials you need into a tight spot and run the risk of breaking them. Use a storage locker for some of your other stuff and make sure that you have as much room as you need to work.

You Can Be More Flexible

We know that plans can change and that projects can go on longer than expected, even when they seem simple at first. So instead of trying to squeeze around stuff in a crowded room that’s full of building materials and your normal belongings, just store things at our 24 hour storage facility. It’s easy to renew your lease for a little longer if you need more time to finish up whatever work you’re doing on the house. The rental agreements on our storage units are flexible, and that flexibility helps you adapt if something unexpected happens.

We Have the Packing Supplies You Need

You don’t even have to make a bunch of extra stops when you rent a unit from us, because we have all of the protective packing supplies you need to keep your items safely stored away. Boxes, bubble paper, and so many more items are available at our affordable storage facility.

For Your DIY Storage Needs

So even if you just need a storage unit for a little while, just while you get something done around the house, Elite Self Storage can help. Visit the affordable storage facility Sioux City residents depend on and see all of the units we have to offer. We’ll help you find the perfect short term storage solution!