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December 1, 2020

Types of Car Storage in Sioux City

Learn which type of car storage you need in the Greater Sioux City area. Call now for a FREE quote!
Good car storage in Sioux City is hard to find, especially if you’re planning to store an automobile for a long period of time. The vehicle’s monetary and intrinsic value necessitates finding a storage provider that offers only the safest, most secure types of car storage. Elite Self Storage in Sioux City has everything you need to keep your prized four-wheel possession safe and accessible.

Uncovered Outdoor Vehicle Storage in Sioux City

We offer outdoor vehicle storage in the form of paved parking designated for car and RV storage. Our facilities are gated and monitored 24/7, constituting an exceptionally safe option for long-term auto storage. Every vehicle has a designated parking spot, making it easy to monitor and access. As there is no roof or structure, your car will be exposed to the elements. Depending on factors such as time of year and the condition of your car, you might consider investing in a high-quality cover to protect the vehicle from potential sun, wind, or hail damage, as well as rusting.

Covered Outdoor Vehicle Storage in Sioux City

If you prefer your automobile to not be affected by the weather, our storage facility serving Sioux City offers covered parking spots for protection from sun, wind, rain, and hail. These canopied and semi-walled open-air structures integrate wide avenues and roomy concrete driveways, making them ideal for boats and RVs. Though covered outdoor storage is more expensive than uncovered, for many customers the significantly decreased possibility of sun and weather damage is more than worth the extra investment. When you visit us for a tour you might decide that covered outdoor vehicle storage is a nice middle ground between outdoor vehicle storage and indoor vehicle storage in terms of both price and protection.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

For vehicle collectors and owners desiring only the highest level of protection, the indoor vehicle storage solutions at Elite Self Storage are the perfect choice. Spacious and easy to access, the storage units at our facility are plenty large enough to fit your car. Storing your vehicle inside one of our clean, climate-controlled indoor vehicle storage units eliminates any risk of damage from sun, wind, or cold, not to mention the dust and dirt that accrue over time. The benefits of storing your vehicle indoors are numerous, given that an indoor storage unit essentially acts as a large garage for your car, providing the ultimate protection. A car that is kept safe from the elements will last longer and be in the exact same condition you left it in when you are ready to drive it again. Also, if you are welcome to store tools and car care products with your car and make periodic visits for inspection and treatments.

Give Your Vehicle the “Elite” Treatment Today

Elite Self Storage offers a number of options for car storage near Sioux City, whether you prefer storing your car indoors or outside. Contact us today and let’s talk about your vehicle, your needs, and the level of security and cost that best fits your budget.