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girl helping elderly parents move
January 30, 2021

Tips To Help Your Elderly Parents Move

Moving your parents into a new home can be stressful, but our self experts can help. We’ll make it easy to find the storage solutions and supplies you need.
Moving can be rough enough, but an especially tough moving job can be your elderly parents’ move from their old home to a smaller space. This can be a stressful situation for everyone, but if you’re assisting your parents we can help you. At Elite Self Storage we can help with all of your moving needs, from showing you self storage solutions to selling you the best packing supplies. Here’s how you can make moving your parents to a new home a little easier.


If your parents are downsizing and moving into a smaller home, communication is key. Which items are important? What absolutely needs to go into the new house or apartment? Are there items that will be needed later, but not right away? Knowing what your parents need and when can help the move go a bit smoother.

Have the Right Supplies

You have to make sure that you have the right moving supplies on hand. Fortunately, we sell just about everything that you need. Make sure that you have the obvious items, like moving boxes, packing tape, and a box cutter. Don’t forget about protective packing supplies, like foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and moving blankets. Think about specialized moving supplies as well. We sell wardrobe boxes, glass packing kits, and other items that can keep your parents’ things safer in transit. Having the right supplies will make life easier.

Get Organized

Once you have the right supplies, take the extra time to get organized. Separate critically important items and belongings from the rest. Figure out which possessions your parents might want later on. This is also a great time to sort out items that should be donated or sold. Of course, you’ll also probably find things that should just be thrown out and won’t make the move to your parents’ next home.

Get a Storage Unit

Depending on how many things your parents have and the size of their new home, a storage unit could be a massive help during a move. There are items that they may not need right away, like seasonal decorations. Your parents might have some nice furniture, artwork, or other heirlooms that they don’t want to throw away, even if there isn’t room for it at their new home. There are many reasons to suggest renting a storage unit as you help your parents move, even if it’s just on a temporary basis. When you choose our facility you can be confident that your parents’ items are in good hands. We monitor the premises constantly and you can use your own locks to keep your unit secure. We offer climate controlled storage that can protect anything that your parents move in. We also make it easy to pull up and get what you need, when you need it.

For Self Storage and Packing Supplies in Sioux City, IA

Moving your parents is stressful enough without worrying about the businesses that you’re dealing with. At Elite Self Storage we have the moving supplies you need and we offer services and storage options that make life easier. So don’t waste time with other companies when you have to help your parents move. Instead visit our facility in Sioux City, IA and let us help you!