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why to use climate controlled storage
May 15, 2021

Why do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage in Sioux City?

One of the biggest reasons why Elite Self Storage is a top-rated storage center near Sioux City is our continuous investment in solutions that benefit our customers. For example, when more and more of our customers began asking “Do I need climate-controlled storage?” It became clear that an investment in climate-controlled units was a smart move. Fast forward several years and these state-of-the-art facilities, which are insulated from humidity and extreme weather, have benefited thousands of our customers.  View available units

What Happens in a Storage Unit Without Climate-Control Features?

Depending on what you’re storing, the temperature and humidity of your storage unit are critically important. If you’re storing classic paintings, you want them to look the same in six months as they do on the day you put them into storage. If you don’t store sensitive items like these in a climate-controlled unit, you risk permanent damage due to humidity and moisture. Also, be wary of storing anything with a rubber belt – for example, a sewing machine – in a non-climate-controlled unit. Extreme, enduring heat and cold can alternately shrink and expand rubber-based items. If you’re storing clothes, note that without climate control they’ll be more susceptible to mold or mildew. Coins also require a constant temperature and humidity level – otherwise, they’re likely to oxidize and completely devalue.  

What can I Store in Non-Climate-Controlled Storage?

Though there are plenty of items that benefit from climate-controlled storage in Sioux City, there are also lots of things you can store in non-climate-controlled storage. If you have belongings that can withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations and endure the potentially harsh weather that comes during winter or spring, then non-climate-controlled storage is a fine option. Items storable in a non-climate-controlled environment include:
  • Cars, boats, RVs, and trucks
  • Tools
  • Lawn equipment such as tractors, mowers, and weed whackers
  • Dishes
  • Plastic outdoor furniture
  • Metal furniture

How does Climate Control Features Operate in the Storage Unit?

In Sioux City and across the Midwest, the climate fluctuates throughout the year. But whether you face below-freezing temperatures, high humidity, or dangerously hot weather, our storage units’ climate-control features will keep your items safe year-round. Climate-controlled units offer consistent temperature and humidity levels that eliminate the chances of side effects like mold and mildew, fading and deterioration and cracking or corrosion. Although climate-controlled units typically cost more than non-climate-controlled solutions, protecting your prized possessions is a reason to spend a little bit more. 

Why it Matters

When it comes to the safekeeping of your belongings, the last thing you want to do is cut corners on cost – especially if certain belongings are of considerable value. Make an informed decision by creating a list of the items you would like to store. Consider the location, security, and cost of a storage unit before choosing the best one for you. Take a tour of our facility and ask as many questions as you’d like. The goal is to help you avoid the possibility of disastrous results.

Call Now for Availability of Our Climate-Controlled Units in the Greater Sioux City Area

For safe, secure short-term and long-term storage, choose Elite Self Storage. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes the latest technologies to ensure the safety and condition of your belongings. Call today for the availability of our climate-controlled units as well as pricing, directions, and much more.  View available units