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May 30, 2021

What Can You Store in a Storage Unit in Sioux City

There are a nearly endless number of things you can store at Elite Self Storage. We understand the never-ending desire our customers share of expanding their available storage space beyond the confines of their home, and we offer different solutions for different needs. Long-term storage, short-term storage, climate-controlled or open-air, we cater to all needs and items. 

Size of Unit

Everyone has different needs when it comes to storage, which is why storage units come in a variety of sizes. For really small items, you can rent a locker – or, if you have several small boxes to store, a compact 5’ x 5’ unit could do the trick. For people needing considerably more space, you’ll find units approaching 10’ x 30’ and larger – and for vehicle storage, our storage center in Sioux City offers outdoor covered spaces big enough for RVs. 

Features To Consider When Choosing a Storage Unit in Sioux City

Climate Control

Lots of items are subject to damage if exposed to extreme temperatures while in long-term storage. To combat this, many storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage units to protect sensitive belongings such as antiques, photos, electronics, musical instruments, and more.


Many storage facilities offer units equipped with electrical outlets. With electricity, you can operate a business out of your unit, charge vehicle batteries, and more. Security Few storage centers in Sioux City are as committed as we are to security. Our leading-edge security measures include gated access, alarmed units, video surveillance, and on-site management. View available units


24-Hour Access 

Facilities like ours offer 24-hour access, giving you the freedom to visit your storage unit whenever it’s convenient for you. This way, you don’t have to adjust your schedule around the hours of your storage facility. Drive-Up Access  The drive-up access feature allows self-storage customers to drive their vehicle or trailer directly up to their unit, which is very convenient when storing heavier or larger quantities of items. 

Frequency You Visit the Unit

The frequency with which you plan to visit your storage unit plays an important role in your approach to self-storage in Sioux City. For example, your frequency of visits affects what kind of access you need, whether you’re better off opting for short- or long-term storage, and whether it’s worthwhile to have a climate-controlled unit. 

Common Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit in Sioux City


A storage unit is a great solution for transitioning between homes because it provides a place to store furniture, appliances, and boxes while you’re waiting to transition from one house to the next.


Self-storage isn’t reserved only for personal use. Many businesses in Sioux City appreciate the affordable rates associated with storage units, either for expanding their existing office space or taking a more traditional storage approach and using the unit for storing inventory, supplies, or equipment.


Remodeling a home is oftentimes an intense, weeks-long process. And to remodel, you need a temporary holding area for your furniture. Renting a storage unit is the perfect solution.

Call Now for Availability of Your Preferred Unit in Sioux City!

Ready to work with one of the leading storage facilities in Sioux City? Call now for the availability of your preferred unit. Whether you’re interested in short-term storage of furniture and office equipment or long-term storage of valuables, Elite Self Storage has a range of terrific options for your consideration.   View available units