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July 20, 2021

What is the Cost of Long-Term Vehicle Storage?

Businesses, homeowners, and students all choose Elite Self Storage in Sioux City for a variety of short- and long-term storage needs in IA. From furniture and fine art to business goods and coin collections, our versatile storage units, lockers, and rooms are the perfect fit. And if you’re interested in long-term vehicle storage, we do that too.
If you’re interested in long-term vehicle storage near Sioux City but you’re worried about car storage prices, Elite Self Storage can help. Our leading self-storage center offers competitive vehicle storage rates for indoor and outdoor storage of vehicles ranging in size from an ATV to a full-size RV. By storing your vehicle with us, you’re making an investment that will pay big dividends in the long run. Get on the Road to Safer Vehicle Storage Get a FREE Quote Today!

Why Choose Long-Term Vehicle Storage?

There are several reasons to put a vehicle into long-term storage in Sioux City. For example, a car collector who lacks adequate at-home storage space or security measures and is seeking a safe and sizable solution for storing a classic automobile. At Elite Self Storage, you get complete peace of mind concerning security, knowing that your car is housed in a very safe location featuring a premium security system, electronic gate access, and around-the-clock monitoring. In a similar vein, a storage unit is an ideal place for vehicle restoration. Our local self-storage center in Sioux City offers spacious, climate-controlled units that are adjustable for heat, A/C, and humidity. You’ll also benefit from free Wi-Fi and pest control whether you need car storage during the week, intermittently (i.e. during vacations), or for years at a time.  

What is the Cost of Long-Term Vehicle Storage?

The cost to rent a storage unit or parking space and the corresponding car storage prices at our local self-storage facility are tied directly to the type of vehicle you want to store. Sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and other conventional body styles pair well with one of our small storage units, which costs around 50 dollars per month. Meanwhile, camper and RV owners pay a higher rate because of the vehicle’s increased size.  Another factor to consider is indoor vs. outdoor storage. Indoor storage in Sioux City offers the benefits of climate control and weather protection, which makes it more expensive than outdoor storage. Another thing to think about regarding outdoor storage in Sioux City is whether you prefer a covered or uncovered parking space. Rates are higher for covered parking than for uncovered. However, if you plan on weatherproofing your vehicle before storage, and then visiting our Sioux City storage center periodically for checkups, an uncovered spot could be a great bargain. Timing is another important variable, especially as it pertains to your preferred contract length. For example, in the fall our local self-storage facility fills up fast because lots of customers are ready to store a vehicle for winter. So the sooner you call to schedule long-term storage with us, the more likely it is that we’ll have the right unit available and at the right price. 

Solutions for Sioux City Long-Term Vehicle Storage 

Whether you’re interested in a month-to-month plan or a multi-year contract for vehicle storage for vehicles of any shape or size, contact Elite Self-Storage today. Car, boat, motorcycle, or RV, our Sioux City storage specialists will customize a solution that meets your needs in terms of space, access, and budget.