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August 30, 2021

Choosing Where to Store Your Boat in Sioux City

Find out if indoor or outdoor storage is best for your boat based on several factors in Sioux City. Call now for available units!
One big part of boat ownership is deciding where to store your boat when it’s not in use. Options for storing a boat fall into two categories: indoor storage and outdoor storage. Important factors when deciding include location, the size of your boat, and how often you use it. Each option has its pluses and minuses, which Elite Self Storage covers here.

Types of Indoor Storage in Sioux City for Boats

Dry Stacked Storage

Dry stacked storage is a boat storage option that keeps your boat protected inside a warehouse. These facilities store multiple boats at a time, which are stacked and removed with forklifts. They’re also covered, keeping your boat safe from the weather. Not only do they offer good security features, but dry stacked storage facilities also handle the heavy lifting in retrieving your boat, so all you have to do is call ahead to make sure your boat is ready to go.

Storing a Boat in Your Garage

Similar to a storage shed for a boat, home garages are a convenient, affordable winter boat storage option. No storage fees and no need to drive to a facility to check on your boat, are two big advantages to this option. Moreover, attached garages absorb heat from the house, preventing sub-zero temperatures from damaging your boat while in storage and keeping it warm all winter long

Indoor Boat Storage at a Self-Storage Facility

If you can’t store your boat in a garage and dry racked storage isn’t available in your area, a self-storage facility such as Elite Self Storage is a great option. Indoor vehicle storage at a safe, climate-controlled facility is considered by many boat owners as the best way to protect a boat during harsh winters.

Types of Outdoor Storage in Sioux City for Boats

Outdoor Boat Storage at a Self-Storage Facility

If you have a boat cover and you’re ok with the occasional snowfall and cold snap in Sioux City, uncovered outdoor storage is an affordable option. Not only does outdoor parking at a storage facility make it easier to store boats of all sizes, but it also provides more security than simply storing the boat in your home driveway.

Covered Outdoor Boat Storage at a Self-Storage Facility

Storing your boat in a covered outdoor storage space is economical and a great way to free up your garage or driveway. Our local self-storage facility has covered outdoor parking spots that can accommodate boats of many sizes while reducing exposure to the elements.

Outdoor Storage on a Boat Lift

For short-term boat storage at a marina, boat lifts are a good way to keep a boat dry and easily accessible. Boats lifts are available in three types: floating, suspending, and bottom-standing. The type of boat lift you’ll need depends on whether the marina dock is fixed or floating, how deep the water is, and the climate.

Call Today to Ensure You Have the Right Kind of Boat Storage in Sioux City

Now that we’ve covered the most common outdoor and indoor boat storage options, including slips, lifts, and a carport for boat storage, take some time to consider which one best fits your needs. Of course you’ll also want to get cost estimates for the options you’re interested in, and Elite Self Storage is happy to provide you with a quote today.