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November 3, 2017

Why Choose Climate Control at Elite Self Storage?

The experts here at Elite Self Storage know your reasons for needing a self-storage facility abound. Regardless of our customers’ situations, however, there is one common factor: they need a reliable, secure location to store their property. With these differing reasons come differing storage items. Some of these items are hardy enough to weather a winter or rainy season in a regular storage unit. Other, more delicate, things are a different story. Too long in a unit without moisture and temperature regulation can ravage some of your most valuable belongings. The answer? Climate controlled storage. Our new climate controlled storage units here at Elite Self Storage in Sioux City are clean, state-of-the art, and perfect for protecting the property that means most to you. Climate Controlled Storage Features Our new facility here in Sioux City offers premium climate controlled storage features for our customers. We know that, in order to truly protect your most delicate valuables, you need more than just temperature control. When we say “climate controlled storage,” that means we provide units that keep your property at a consistent temperature and a consistent humidity. Too much (or too little) moisture can wreak havoc on things like documents, photos, and wooden furniture. In addition to high-quality climate control, we offer 24-hour access to your units, with security cameras working day and night to add an extra level of protection to your storage items. If you choose our climate controlled storage, you’ll also have access to two-wheeled carts, garbage containers, and dumpsters. With LED lighting for more reliable visibility in cold temperatures, we’re proud to offer an efficient (and even pleasant!) storage experience. You can rent our climate controlled storage units on a month-to-month basis to ensure quality storage, no matter how long you need it. These units come in 5×10, 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20 options to fit your needs. Which items require climate controlled storage? Certain indoor/outdoor items can make it all winter long without any special consideration, but you might be surprised to find out just how many kinds of property can benefit from a controlled environment. Household Appliances If you live in a region that experiences extreme seasons of heat or cold (we know exactly how harsh a Sioux City winter can be!), your household appliances will need climate controlled storage. Dishwashers, refrigerators, humidifiers, ovens, and microwaves are a few examples of the kinds of appliances that require humidity and temperature control. Fluctuations in moisture and temperature can cause rust and cracking that significantly devalues the worth and efficiency of these units. Musical Instruments Whether you’re an avid collector of antique musical instruments or simply putting away your trusty guitar until you have time to pick it back up again, you’ll want to protect your instruments from the elements. Musical instruments especially benefit from climate controlled storage, as extreme temperature and humidity changes can render them unplayable. Piano strings can snap, glues and adhesives can melt, and wood can warp. Keep the music going strong by storing your instruments in an environment you can trust. Wood and Leather Furniture Furniture pieces can be very expensive, depending on your tastes. This makes it even more important to place them in climate controlled storage when they’re not in use. Wooden furniture is susceptible to various kinds of damage that come with swings in temperature. Rotting caused by high temperatures and humidity can result in a mess and compromised furniture safety. Changing temperatures can also cause cracking and warping of the wood. Leather can also be negatively impacted by inconsistent climate, with mildew and discoloration at the forefront of your concerns. Our climate controlled storage units here in Sioux City will keep your furniture functional and beautiful. Documents and Collections Ask any museum curator about the importance of climate controlled storage and you’ll get a resounding recommendation. Papers, photographs, and books stored without climate control are susceptible to discoloration and deterioration that can render them worthless. Collector’s items, whether they’re first edition comic books or priceless bottles of wine, need consistent temperatures and humidity levels in order to maintain their value. Whether you’re storing business documents, stamps, or old love letters, you’ll want to protect them with climate controlled storage. Your Sioux City Source for Climate Controlled Storage Elite self storage takes pride in its clean facilities, premium features, and personable staff. If you’re looking for a dependable Sioux City facility to store your valued property, we’d love to connect. If you’ve got questions about our climate controlled storage units, please feel free to contact us today!