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Packing Materials and Moving Supply Services

Have You Started Packing Yet? Having the right packing supplies and moving supplies is the first step to ensuring a stress-free move. Before moving into your storage unit, it’s worth a trip to Elite Self-Storage to pick up some packing supplies. We offer a full line of high-quality boxes and moving supplies for your one-stop shopping convenience.

At Elite Self-Storage, we have the right packing supplies for every job available for purchase. We also have a knowledgeable staff with moving tips that will make the job easier. If you’re in or around Sioux City, Iowa give us a call or stop by today to talk to one of our friendly staff members.

We sell a variety of boxes in all shapes and sizes. Elite Self-Storage in Sioux City, Iowa sells wardrobe boxes that are perfect for hanging, packing, moving and storing your shirts, blouses, sport coats, jackets, and outerwear. Clothes go directly from the closet to moving box allowing clothing to stay on hangers.

We offer a wide variety of furniture covers for just about anything. Furniture covers protect sofas and chairs from being torn or damaged during the move. They also protect against rain, dirt, and dust while moving or storing.

Moving supplies available at our self storage facility:

  • Boxes, all sizes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Packing tape & dispensers
  • Locks
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam peanuts
  • Packing paper
  • Dish/glass packing kits
  • Tarps
  • Furniture & mattress covers
  • Shrink wrap
  • Tie down straps
  • Moving blankets
  • Box cutters & Scissors

Stop by Elite Self-Storage today to pick up your packing supplies and moving supplies from our friendly manager. He or she can help you decide which products make the most sense for you.