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February 28, 2018

An Expert Guide to Furniture Storage

Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that you want to keep your prized possessions in the best possible shape when you’re storing them. You want to come back after a few days, months, or even a year and find that they’re just how you left them. With our storage solutions and the expertise we have to offer, it’s easy to do just that. One thing we have a lot of experience storing is furniture. Maybe you’ve ended up with some extra tables or chairs you don’t need. Perhaps you have an antique that you don’t want to keep around at all times. No matter what the situation is, we’ll help you store that piece of furniture until you need it once again. And with our advice, it’ll come out of your storage unit just as beautiful and blemish-free as it was the day you put it away. Here’s a look at how you can safely store just about any piece of furniture.

Clean Thoroughly

Before you put your furniture away, make sure you clean it well. Use a cleaner meant specifically for whatever material your furniture is made out of. This will ensure that the wood, metal, or glass looks great going into storage and coming back out. Let the cleaner dry completely and then get ready to store your furniture. By taking this extra step you can ensure that small cosmetic issues don’t become larger ones while your furniture sits in storage. It’s also nice to know that your furniture won’t need a major cleaning job as soon as you take it out.

Disassemble Larger Pieces

Some pieces of furniture have multiple parts that could pose a hassle when you’re trying to move them. It’s best to take apart certain types of furniture when possible. Take the drawers out of the dressers and remove the legs from the tables. It will make your furniture easier to move and store. It’ll even help you use your space at our self storage facility more efficiently.

Secure Small Parts

On that note, once you’ve disassembled some pieces of furniture there’s one more important step to take. Make sure that you’re keeping all of the screws, nuts, and bolts in one place. You’ll want to be sure that you can find them later. You don’t want to pull your furniture out of storage and find out that you can’t put it back together!

Protect Your Furniture

This is especially important if you’re going to keep your furniture in storage for a long time. Wrap up your breakable items, like mirrors or lamps, in bubble paper. Figure out what kind of protective coverings work best for each kind of furniture. Ask our experts and find all of the useful moving supplies that you need at our facility. We’ll help you wrap up your furniture and keep it protected in the long haul.

Leave Some Space

There’s no reason to jam everything into your storage locker haphazardly. Carefully considering how to store your furniture can make a big difference. Leave some space between each object to make sure that you don’t damage anything when you go into remove a particular piece.