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March 30, 2018

Can You Store Home Appliances in a Storage Unit?

Elite Self-Storage in Sioux City makes it easy for you to store a variety of items. No matter the size, weight, or value of your belongings, rest assured our friendly team has a clean, secure, and functional solution. can accommodate you. One question that’s on the minds of many current and prospective customers is how to store appliances in storage. In fact, you have many options for appliance self-storage in the Sioux City area, as long as you follow a few easy pre-storage steps.

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Before putting a stove into storage in Sioux City, it’s important to first remove any pans from inside the stove. Once this is done, our local self-storage center recommends giving the stove a thorough cleaning inside and out, after which you should tape down all of the knobs to make sure they don’t become loose or fall while in transit to our facility. Also, don’t forget to tape the plug to the side of your stove. This way, you’ll avoid a situation where the cord poses a tripping hazard or gets stuck somewhere.


Microwaves may be small, but they have several moving parts and a bunch of internal electronics that necessitate some important preparation steps before a move. Start by cleaning the microwave inside and out and then removing the glass turntable inside. Once it’s removed, make sure it’s safely packaged. If you have the original box for your microwave, we highly recommend using it for storage. If you don’t have the box, find a sturdy cardboard box that can serve as an effective substitute. Pack the microwave in some bubble wrap before boxing it and moving it into your Sioux City storage unit, and don’t forget to ask about our self-storage supplies.


A dishwasher is a perfectly acceptable appliance for storage. Most important of course is ensuring you have the manpower to move it safely out of your house, onto a truck, and into a storage unit. Like any other appliance, you should also clean it inside and out – plus, you should then let it air-dry for a day or so before you pack it away. Disconnect and clean each hose and then wrap them in towels or a similar protective material. 


A refrigerator requires the most prep work of any major appliance. Start by draining the ice and water maker and airing it out until it’s completely dry. When this is done, clean the inside and outside of the fridge and then take a few days to defrost it before the move. Before moving your fridge to our Sioux City storage center, you should tape the doors shut – but not too tight since you don’t want them to remain completely closed while the fridge is in storage. You’ll want to leave the doors open slightly to prevent moisture buildup. And last but not least, remember to store the fridge standing up.  Take these tips to heart and your appliances will be in just as great a shape when you take them out of storage as they were when you put them in. If you’ve ever wondered, “What can I store in a storage unit?” the professionals at Elite Self-Storage in Sioux City will show you that the possibilities are just about endless. Get in touch today!