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April 30, 2018

How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Size

Here at Elite Self Storage, we make it easy to find a storage solution that works perfectly for you. You want to make sure that a unit can accommodate everything you plan to store, but how do you figure out how much space you actually need? We understand that you don’t want to overpay for a unit that’s too large, but you also don’t want to end up with a storage unit that ends up completely crowded and makes getting to any of your stuff a hassle. Here are some things you should keep in mind as you determine what size storage unit you need.

Know How Much You Need To Store

This is an obvious first step. Figure out exactly how much you’re storing. Are you downsizing to a smaller house and storing everything from your larger home that won’t fit? Are you storing the contents of one bedroom? Or are you storing everything from your current apartment? Once you know how much you’re actually planning to store, it can make it easier to figure out what size unit you’ll actually need. Take an inventory of your items and measure the boxes, appliances, or furniture to better estimate how much space you’ll need. If you at least have a better idea of how much you’re storing, you’ll be one step closer to figuring out what kind of unit you need.

Account for Irregular Items

While you’re measuring and evaluating how much space your stuff takes up, you’ll want to account for “irregular” items. We’re talking about lamps, bicycles, and other objects that won’t fit neatly into a typical box. Make sure that these irregular items won’t take up more space than expected, throwing off your initial space estimates.

Gauge Space with a Moving Truck

Once you get all of your stuff into a moving truck, that can actually also give you a better idea of how large of a storage unit you’ll need. The moving truck has dimensions just like a storage locker does. For example, if you fill a 25-foot moving truck up with your belongings, you probably need a storage locker that’s at least ten feet by twenty feet.

See the Units For Yourself

Even after measuring your packed belongings and using a moving truck as a gauge, it still helps to see the storage unit for yourself. Do you really know what a five feet by five feet unit looks like compared to ten feet by ten feet unit? Visiting our self storage facility can give you a better idea of what a storage unit actually looks like, making it easier to see if it can accommodate all of your stuff.

Leave Some Room

If you figure out that your stuff can fit exactly right in one storage unit, take our advice and go one size up from that. You’ll want to have some extra room in your storage unit. It can give you extra space for fragile items, which can help you make sure that they’re not going to be crushed by other items while in storage. It also gives you room to move around and take out items when you need them.