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June 15, 2018

Storing Your Electronics the Right Way

Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that you want the things you store to come out of storage in the same condition as they were when they went in. That’s why it pays to take certain steps when you’re storing certain kind of items. Electronics are a good example of this. Improper storage can damage a computer, video game console, or other electronic devices. Here’s how to store electronics correctly.

Invest in a Storage Unit

Electronic devices can pile up over time. If they’re taking up too much room, visiting our self storage facility and finding a storage unit that suits your budget can help you cut down on the clutter in your home. A storage locker is a great place to safely store a variety of electronic devices. If you have items that you still need from time to time, but not on a daily basis, renting a storage unit can help.

Look Into Climate Control

Depending on the season, a storage unit with climate control could be ideal for storing your electronics. Fluctuations in temperature can adversely affect devices like computers, as can high humidity. A climate-controlled storage unit can protect your electronics from these hazards and help ensure that extreme temperatures and conditions don’t damage important internal components.

Cover Devices Properly

So now you have your climate-controlled storage unit, but just stowing your electronic devices away without thinking isn’t wise. There are still some other steps to take to safely store your electronics. We suggest that you cover them in cotton sheets. This will protect them from dust, which can do a bit of damage to your favorite electronics. Why do we suggest cotton? Cotton doesn’t block the flow of air while it protects your devices from dust and other debris. A plastic cover could collect moisture, causing more damage than the dust itself would!

Use the Original Boxes

Another way to protect your electronics from dust during storage is by using the original boxes that came with them. You know that your video game console or tablet will fit just fine in the original box, and it’ll be protected from potential damage in storage.

Wrap Large Items

If you’re really worried about larger items, covering them with a sheet might not be enough peace of mind for you. At that point, take some packing supplies and wrap up objects like televisions and large computer monitors. This will protect them in transit and prevent them from gathering dust in a storage unit.

Remove Batteries

Before you leave your new storage unit full of electronics behind, do one last check for the batteries in your devices. A battery doesn’t take well to sitting around and doing nothing, which means that improper storage could cause some costly damage.

Keep Chargers Together

If you’re storing electronics, you’ll want to store the chargers they require as well. You can keep all of your chargers together, making it easy to dig out a charger you need when you take a device out of storage. You can also store the charger with the item it belongs with. This is a bit easier if you have the original packaging. In any case, make sure your chargers can be found when you need them.