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July 30, 2018

5 Tips for Securing Your Self Storage Facility

When it comes to self-storage solutions, we know that security is always one of the top priorities of our customers. No one wants to worry about their belongings being stolen once they’ve stored them away in a locker. That’s why our security features are one of our biggest selling points here at Elite Self Storage. Whether you’re storing antiques, electronics, or just something that has serious sentimental value, you can feel safe storing your things in one of our lockers. Here’s a look at what we focus on when we’re trying to make our self-storage facility as secure as possible.


This is one of the most important tools needed at a secure self-storage facility. We have video surveillance of our entire property, which means that each of our lockers is covered. That goes for our vehicle storage spots as well. When customers use our units, they know that we’re keeping a close eye on each one of them. Accessibility A secure facility also requires you to be available to your customers. Our office is open seven days per week. Our customers can access their lockers 24/7. If that’s not enough for our valued storage locker renters, our manager is available by phone after hours. Need help with a problem right now? We’ll even send someone down to our facilities after an hour to assist you. Accessibility makes your customers feel more confident and secure in their storage unit choice.

Use the Latest Tech

We make sure that we’re using the latest technology when it comes to security. In addition to surveillance, we make sure that we leverage tech when it comes to giving access to our facility. We use electronic keypads that give our customers easy access to their storage units, while making it difficult for unauthorized people to get into lockers or the facility itself. We’ll also make sure that we track any suspicious entrances and exits.

Engage Customers

If you really want your customers to feel secure, make sure that you engage them outside of the typical customer service scenarios. Don’t just talk to them when they’re renting a unit or reporting a problem. Make sure that you’re also engaging customers that come in to move new things into their unit. If customers see people around, they’ll feel more secure in their storage locker choice. No one wants to rent out a unit at a storage facility that feels abandoned. Having people around makes potential renters feel as if the storage facility has a robust security apparatus. It also makes them feel like they’ll be safe when they come to their storage locker at unconventional hours.


If you’re running a secure storage facility, you want it to look like it’s secure. That means that you need to keep up on property maintenance. It’s simple. If your property looks poorly maintained, a potential thief may think that your security isn’t up to par. Trim the long grass and make sure that your property looks great. Fix any holes in your fence to make sure that everyone knows that you take security seriously. Taking some simple steps can make a big difference when it comes to perception.