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September 15, 2018

Storing Instruments the Right Way

Here at Elite Self Storage, we know not everyone has the same storage needs. Depending on what you’re storing, the value of your items, and a variety of other factors, you may need to change your approach to renting a storage locker. One particularly tricky group of items are musical instruments. If you’re storing a valued piece in your collection, you want to make sure it’s stored right. Fortunately, our experts can help you know what to look for.


Musical instruments aren’t exactly cheap most of the time. Some can even be worth thousands of dollars. If you’re storing them, you want to make sure that your self storage facility has given security some serious thought. Fortunately, our Sioux City facility is well-lit and safe. We have recorded video surveillance that can help us look out for anyone who doesn’t belong. We also have electronic gate codes and employ the latest safety tech. You can store your instruments, and anything else, in our storage lockers with peace of mind.

Climate Control

Like many fragile items, a typical musical instrument doesn’t do too well in extreme conditions. You’ll want to opt for climate-controlled storage in most cases, ensuring that your instruments stay in top shape no matter what the season is. An instrument is often better off stored at a temperature of around seventy degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of around forty to sixty percent. Any more extreme than that, and you could be in for some costly repairs. This is also why storing in your home might not be ideal. People tend to store things in the attic or basement, and either one can end up becoming an extreme environment quickly. It’s yet another reason to choose one of our storage units.

Pest Control

Wood instruments are especially vulnerable to damage from insects. You’ll want a self storage facility that keeps bugs and other pests out of your storage locker and away from your valuables. That’s why we offer free professional pest control here at Elite Self Storage. At the first sign of a problem, we’re ready to protect your instruments and other possessions.

Use a Case

If you’re storing an instrument like a guitar or trumpet, it probably has a case. It’s always a good idea to store your instrument in its case whenever possible. Even with pest control and climate control taken care of, there’s no reason not to give your instrument an extra layer of protection. A case is especially useful for protecting a musical instrument from dust, which can build up over time and cause some damage.

Pack and Unpack Carefully

There are also steps you can take to be more careful when packing and unpacking your instruments. For instruments like pianos, you may want to go with some heavy padding that can protect them during long bouts of storage. Relax the strings on string instruments to reduce the chance of damage. Properly clean everything before it goes into a locker. When you’re ready to retrieve your instruments, do so slowly. Check for damage along the way and make sure you don’t cause more as you unpack your items. Taking a little extra time can make a big difference.