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October 15, 2018

Packing and Storing Your Clothes the Right Way

Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that taking some extra time to properly prepare for a move can make a big difference. That means packing everything right the first time and ensuring that it stays in great condition, no matter where you plan to take it. It’s especially important to pack your clothes correctly, especially if they’re getting ready for storage at a facility like ours. Whether it’s a short term stay or you need to keep your clothing stored for longer, you’ll be happy you did things the right way when you come back to retrieve your items from your storage unit.

Organize and Declutter

The first thing to do is organize your clothes. This is a great way to analyze what you’ll need soon and what you don’t actually need at all. If you find clothes that you no longer want, you can donate it or even have a yard sale. No point in storing clothes that you don’t want to keep anyway. A crucial part of the organizing process is cleaning your clothes. If any items have stains or smells, they can easily settle in during even a short time in shortage. Before dropping your stuff off at our self storage facility, send them through the wash one more time.

Pack Off-Season Clothes First

Packing off-season clothes first is an easy way to make your move, and the immediate aftermath, less stressful. You won’t have to worry about needing these clothes right away, so you can get started on packing them up early. This means you’ll have more free time for packing as the day of the move gets closer. It will also feel nice to accomplish something early on in the packing process.

Use Small Boxes

When you’re gathering packing supplies you may think that bigger is better. A bigger box of clothes means fewer trips and less to keep track of, right? Unfortunately, that’s not really the case. Clothes can get heavier than expected. Choosing smaller boxes can be the best way to move everything without risking injury or damage.

Pack Delicates and Shoes Separately

If you have delicates that need to go into storage, you need to be careful about storing them. Make sure they’re separated from anything that could cause them damage. This means heavy items, anything made from rougher materials, and any other potential source of problems needs to be packed away separately from your more fragile belongings. On that same note, you want to be careful with shoes. Shoes can easily be damaged in storage if you’re not careful. They can also damage other items. By properly packing, instead of just throwing things in random boxes, can help you avoid expensive damage and ensure that your clothes all look great when you go to retrieve them later.

Opt for a Climate-Controlled Unit

If you’re putting your clothing in a self storage unit for a while, opt for a climate-controlled unit. The changing seasons can be rough on unprotected clothing. A climate-controlled storage unit keeps your clothes in great shape and shields them from the elements. Fortunately, our self storage facility offers this feature and so many more.