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October 30, 2018

5 Moving Supplies You May Not Know You Need

Whether you’re moving everything into a new home or transporting some items to a unit at Elite Self Storage, you’ll want to be prepared. That means having a plan and the moving supplies that you need. Unfortunately, if you haven’t moved in a while there could be some things that slip your mind. That’s why we’re here to tell you about the packing supplies you may not have known you needed.

Mattress Bag

You’re gotten just about everything else out of the bedroom. Then you notice your bed. How do you best protect that in a move? Fortunately, it’s not difficult with the help of a mattress bag. They come in all sizes, from twin to king. Just make sure you’ve measured your bed so that you know that these packing supplies can accommodate your mattress or mattresses.

TV Box

You know that your electronics need protection in a move as well. One item that’s easy to protect is your television. A TV box can be used to move flat screen televisions of all sizes safely. You’ll get to your destination with your TV intact, whether you need to store it temporarily in a storage unit or you’re waiting on the cable provider to set up service at your new place. These boxes adjust to fit the size of your television and four foam corners keep it safely in place during transit. TVs small and large can benefit from this simple solution. A move can be expensive enough. You don’t want to also end up replacing damaged electronics after you get settled in.


If you’re getting ready to put these items in a storage locker, you should also pick up a lock when you’re shopping for moving supplies. At Elite Self Storage, we allow our customers to use their own locks when they rent out a unit. This can give you extra peace of mind because you know that no one else has access to your things while they’re stored away. A lock can be easy to overlook as you shop for packing supplies that protect your items, but a lock is a simple investment that can pay off.

Packing Paper

Packing paper can be among the moving supplies that some people overlook. They think that the leftover newspaper they have around the house is sufficient for the job, and it might be in some cases. We don’t suggest it. Packing paper offers more protection and won’t shed ink on your items or your hands. It makes for a cleaner move and you don’t have to just hold onto old newspaper for weeks on end because you’re preparing to pack up some items.


If you want to make unpacking easy, make sure you pick up some labels! Sorting through box after box to find what you need in your new place can be annoying. This also holds true if you’re moving something into storage and need to dig it out later. Label everything and get all of the moving supplies you need from Elite Self Storage.