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December 15, 2018

What If I Need To Upgrade My Storage Unit?

Here at Elite Self Storage, we make it easy to find a storage unit that suits your needs. Are you looking for climate controlled storage? Are you in need of a unit that fits a vehicle like a boat or RV? We’ve got these options and more. Of course, we also make it easy to find a storage unit that’s the perfect size for all of your belongings. What if something changes though? Can you just upgrade your storage unit without an issue? Fortunately, we do everything we can to accommodate you at our self storage facility. There are many reasons to upgrade your locker, and we help you adapt to any life changes.

Reasons to Upgrade

Change in Work Situation

One reason to upgrade could be a change in your work situation. If you go from an office job to a position where you work from home, it could be time to change your storage unit as well. Let’s say you need a home office, but you don’t have the room. It could be time to clean out that spare bedroom that’s been used as storage and put your excess items in one of our units. If they don’t fit, it may be time for an upgrade. A small price to pay for a comfortable home office where you have some room to breath.

Kids Moved Out

Kids moving out could also change your storage needs. Whether they’ve moved out for good or it’s just some time away for college, you might need to get some of their stuff out of the way. We’ll make it easy to find a unit that can accommodate everything, even electronics or other items that are sensitive to changes in temperature.

Death in the Family

A death in the family could also change your storage needs. If someone has left behind antiques, paintings, furniture, and other items, it might be hard to sort through all of it right away. Store it in your storage unit, and if they don’t fit we can help you find a bigger one. Of course, we have the climate-controlled units that can keep artwork and other antiquities in great shape too.

Downsizing Your Home

If you’re moving into a smaller home, but you’re not ready to get rid of all your stuff, a larger storage unit could be needed. A move is complex enough without going through literally everything you’ve accumulated in the years, or decades, since you’ve been in your current home. Store it with us and organize it all later.

Getting a Bigger Storage Unit

If one of these reasons, or any other situation, requires you to get a larger storage unit, you’re in luck. Our self storage facility makes it simple to reserve a unit that better suits your needs. Just visit our website to browse our full selection of storage units and reserve one online. We list the sizes right there and show you if it’s a drive up storage spot. Of course, you can always contact us at (712) 560-9463 if you have any more questions. We’ll make it simple to find a perfectly sized storage unit!