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January 30, 2019

The Best Places to Buy Packing Supplies

Whether you’re packing up for a big move or just putting some stuff into storage, one thing’s for sure. You’re going to need a lot of supplies! Here at Elite Self Storage we know that having the right tools for the job is everything. Having the right packing supplies on hand will make your move easier and less stressful. Here’s a look at where you can buy the moving supplies that you need.

A Mover

A typical moving company, essentially any company that’s willing to rent you a truck, will generally sell moving supplies like boxes. They may be less expensive than those found at an office supply store, but they’re still not usually the least expensive packing supplies that you can find. A mover generally knows that you’re not going to want to make multiple stops, so upping the price on some of its products is a move that they can certainly get away with.

Online Stores

Some online stores sell boxes and other moving supplies. Some of these organizations recycle and offer green pedigree that you might appreciate, while others just try to keep prices as low as possible. Some online vendors could be a good option depending on how long they take to ship and when you’ll need your packing supplies by.


Sometimes you can find free or cheap moving supplies on Craigslist. Often these supplies have been used already, but if they’re still in good shape they can probably handle another move into your new space or storage unit. If you want to go this route you’ll want to check up on Craigslist ads a while in advance to try and find what you’re looking for.

Elite Self Storage!

Of course, you can also get all of the packing supplies you need from us! Here at Elite Self Storage we don’t just offer a wide range of secure storage options. We also make it easy to find the moving supplies that you need to safely and efficiently transport all of your items.

We offer boxes in every shape and size you can think of. We have furniture covers that can protect even your antiques or most precious heirlooms from damage during transport. Couches, beds, and anything else you need to move will arrive in a new place without damage or dirt. We also offer wardrobe boxes that can safely store shirts, sports coats, blouses, and anything else you can think of during transit.
We don’t just offer the moving supplies you need. We also have experts here on staff who can help make your move even easier. Our knowledgeable employees have been to this rodeo before. They know what kinds of packing supplies you need and they’ll help you find them. When you’re trying to take the stress out of moving or filling up a storage unit, find a storage solution at Elite Self Storage and buy your packing supplies there as well. We look forward to helping you out, so contact us at  (712) 255-7176 if you have any questions about what we have to offer.