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March 15, 2020

5 Last Minute Moving Tips

Moving can be a pain, but it’s especially rough when you have to do it at the last minute. Fortunately, our storage facility has the moving supplies you need.
We know that a move can be stressful, and moving at the last minute can be even worse. At Elite Self Storage we know that surprises can throw a wrench in your well laid plans in many different ways. Whatever your reasons are for moving at the last minute, our self storage facility has the knowledgeable staff and supplies you need to make everything go smoothly.

Make a Plan

You don’t have much time, but you do have time to make a plan. Make a list of everything that needs to come with you, or a checklist of each room in your home that you can check off as you go. Outlining everything that you need to do and separating your moving plan into bite-sized chunks can help you more accurately assess how much work you have to do and make the entire process a bit less stressful. If you just run around frantically without a plan, you’re only adding extra stress to your life.

Get Your Supplies

Now it’s time to get your moving supplies. At Elite Self Storage we sell a variety of packing supplies, from boxes and packing tape to protective items like bubble wrap and foam peanuts. We also sell supplies that are specifically designed to pack up specific items, like wardrobe boxes and dish packing kits. We also supply furniture and mattress covers, along with moving blankets and tie down straps. Our storage facility has everything that you need to pack up and protect all of your belongings in a last minute move.

Put Aside the Essentials

Packing up your home can get hectic, so take some time to put aside your essentials and make sure that they don’t get packed up and buried under other stuff. Take medications, important electronics and their chargers, toiletries, and anything else that you would need to use within a day or two of moving and set them aside in a “moving essentials” bag that you can easily access.

Enlist Some Help

If you can recruit some friends and family members to help you with the move, do it. It’s important to have some help, especially with a last minute move, and we’re sure that many people you know would gladly help out in exchange for a meal or some drinks later.

Think About Storage Unit

It might also be a good idea to rent out a storage unit at our facility. In a last minute move you might not have as much time to go through everything you own. Set aside seasonal items, things you would like to sell, and items you might donate in a storage locker and go through them at your leisure later. Renting a storage unit can take some stress out of that last minute move.

Your Moving Supplies Supplier in Sioux City, IA

Whether you’ve been planning your move for months or something comes up at the last minute, Elite Self Storage makes it easy to get the packing supplies that you need to safely transport your most important possessions. Visit our self storage facility in Sioux City, IA today and see how we can help.