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spring cleaning for your storage unit
April 15, 2020

Spring Cleaning and Your Storage Unit

Your storage unit can help you make the most out of your spring cleaning this year. Don’t have one? We’ll help you find the perfect storage solution!
It’s about time for spring cleaning, and if you have a storage unit you know that you have to make that a part of your process too. At Elite Self Storage we see plenty of people come in and out this time of year, doing everything that they can to get organized and get rid of things that they just don’t need. So if you’re getting ready for some spring cleaning of your own, make sure that you follow some of these tips.

Make “Sell” and “Donate” Piles

When you’re at home, set things aside that you plan to sell or donate. You don’t have to be super organized about it or anything. Just make sure that these items are out of the way and ready to go off to their new destination. Do the same thing at your storage locker. Take a look around and you’ll probably find something that you thought you would use, but that situation just hasn’t come up. Take out anything from your storage unit that you no longer need and put them in the sell and donate piles as well.

Figure Out What You Need All Year Long

As you’re cleaning your home, take a good look at everything you find and ask yourself something. “Do I need this item in my home all year long?” The answer might be no. If some of the things taking up space in your home are rarely used or just there for special occasions, it might be a good idea to move them into one of our secure and affordable storage units.

Handle Seasonal Items

Now’s also a good time to figure out what seasonal items you need or don’t need. Take that winter stuff and figure out what you want to keep and what you want to store away. If you have other seasonal items stored in your storage locker, now’s the time to come back to your unit and grab anything that you might need. Our storage facility is great for storing away clothing, decorations, and other seasonal belongings that simply won’t have too many uses over the next few months. Now might also be a good time to reorganize that storage unit of yours to make sure that seasonal items and other things that you frequently grab from your storage unit are easy to get to.

Get a (Larger) Storage Unit!

If you don’t have a storage unit, now you might realize that you need our self storage services! Once your spring cleaning is done you might realize that you have a lot of stuff in your home that you don’t want to sell, throw out, or donate, but space is at a premium. That’s where one of our storage lockers comes in. If you already have one and realize that you need to upgrade to a bigger unit, we can help you with that as well!

Your Spring Storage Solution in Sioux City, IA

So if your spring cleaning brings you back to your storage unit or makes you realize you need one after all, we’re ready to help! Visit Elite Self Storage and ask about our self storage services today. We’ll make sure that you get a storage unit that perfectly suits your needs all season long!