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summer storage tips
June 30, 2020

Summer Storage Tips

A new season is a good time to store away some items, and our affordable storage facility is ready to assist you with all of your summer storage needs.
A new season means new storage needs. Whether you’re a college student going home for break or someone who just wants to clear up some space in their home, Elite Self Storage can assist you with all of your storage needs. We also have some tips and tricks that can make finding the right unit at our affordable storage facility even easier.

Think About What Needs to Be Stored

First of all, think about what you’re storing. Do you just need to stow away some seasonal items, like holiday decorations, winter clothes, and snow blowers? Are you trying to just clear up some space? Are you looking for a secure spot for valuables, like antiques or collectibles? Knowing your storage needs up front can make finding the perfect storage unit a lot easier.

Pick a Unit Size

Once you know what you want to store, it’s time to pick a unit size. We have small units, like 10×5 units, along with larger drive up units. Some units offer additional features too, like climate controls. Our storage experts can help you sort through all of your options.

Look for Convenience

Then you want to make sure that your storage solution is convenient for you. If you want drive-up storage, a place where you can use your own locks, and a location that’s open seven days a week. Fortunately, our affordable storage facility checks all of those boxes. We even have a business center on site that gives you access to computers and fax machines. Elite Self Storage couldn’t be any more convenient.

Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

We mentioned climate-controlled storage before. This type of unit keeps temperature and humidity constant. It’s a must-have feature when you’re storing items like comic books, antiques, or equipment like a snowblower. If you plan to store more than just seasonal items this summer, this is a feature that’s especially worth looking into.

Defend Against Pests

You’ll also want to make sure that pests, like mice and insects, can’t get to your belongings while they’re in storage. Tightly seal containers and take advantage of our professional pest control services so that your items are in the pristine condition you left them in when you come back for them.

Get Rid of Clutter

A new season is a good time to take inventory and get rid of things you don’t need. As you make decisions about which items to store away or take out of storage, also figure out which items you no longer need. Our storage unit can make it much easier to declutter this summer.

Search for Security

Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that your seasonal items are well-protected while they’re in storage. Our facility has electronic gate access and we monitor things 24/7. We also let you use your own lock for extra peace of mind. Your belongings are in good hands at our storage facility.

Your Affordable Storage Facility in Sioux City, IA

So if you’re in need of summer storage solutions, we can help. Talk to the experts at Elite Self Storage today. We’ll help you find a unit that’s the perfect size and we’ll give you the info you need on all of our features, including climate-controlled storage Sioux City residents rely on.