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vehicle storage in the winter
October 1, 2020

Where Can I Find Winter Car Storage In The Sioux City Area?

Instead of subjecting your automobile to snow and frigid temperatures this winter, trust Elite Self-Storage in Sioux City for safe, affordable car storage. Call now for an estimate!
Instead of subjecting your cherished automobile to snow, road salt, and frigid temperatures this winter, trust Elite Self-Storage in Sioux City for safe, affordable car storage all season long. Doing so will help extend your car’s lifespan while eliminating the chances of costly winter-related maintenance. Plus, your vehicle will immediately be ready to roll come Spring. Contact an Elite representative today Why choose Elite Self-Storage? We can think of a few reasons:


Our advanced video surveillance system records all activity on our property 24/7. Also, our self-storage facility serving Sioux City requires an access code that only customers and employees possess. Moreover, we offer a selection of some of the best locks in the storage industry, including disc locks. You can purchase a lock from us or bring your own.


We’re located just minutes from Highway 75 North, easily accessible to residents of Sioux City and surrounding towns. Our managers are experienced, professional, and always willing to provide advice or discuss storage options for your automobile. In fact, a manager is onsite seven days a week and available by phone after regular business hours. We also offer an onsite business center for convenient emailing and computer access.


Money and time are tight these days, and now more than ever we’re committed to providing affordable local self-storage units near Sioux City. We offer flexible payment plans to our customers, including month-to-month rental plans. This setup is ideal for Sioux City residents seeking seasonal automobile storage or needing a storage unit during a home remodel. Online bill-pay is available, as well as also auto-pay at our nearby self-storage facility.

Tips To Consider Before You Store

Before you drop off your car at Elite Self-Storage, here are several tips to ensure it remains in top condition all winter long.

Exterior/Interior Cleaning

Hand-wash your car’s exterior and spray-wash the underside. Once the car is dry, apply a coat of wax and consider polishing the chrome too. Inside, do a thorough search for garbage, especially anything food related. If it’s been a while since a thorough cleaning, consider having the vehicle detailed.

Gas & Oil

Filling up your gas tank prevents moisture buildup. Also, add a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from deteriorating and oxidizing – a situation that could damage the fuel system. Change the oil and air filter, even if you’ve recently done both. Fresh oil provides excellent corrosion protection for an engine, especially one that will be idle for a few months.


Clean your tires and make sure that all dirt and brake dust is removed. Also, confirm your tires are inflated to the recommended psi before storing. This will help prevent flat-spotting, a condition caused the weight of the vehicle pressing down on underinflated tires.

Talk With Us Today About Winter Car Storage

Though there’s a decent amount of work needed to prepare your vehicle ready for winter car storage in Sioux City, come next Spring you’ll be glad you took the time. Contact Elite Self-Storage today for more winter storage tips and to reserve a storage unit for your vehicle.