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storing your refridgerator
February 15, 2021

How to Store a Refrigerator in Sioux City

You can safely store your refrigerator in Sioux City with these tips from an expert. Call now to find available units!
Need to store a refrigerator in Sioux City? It may seem as easy as rolling the fridge into a storage unit at Elite Self Storage and walking away. However, there’s a bit more to it than that, and our local storage center will show you how to store large appliances safely so that they’re in perfect working order when you’re ready to pick them up.

When Would You Need to Store a Refrigerator?

We can think of a few situations when a Sioux City home or business would need to store a refrigerator. For example, you might need to store a fridge during a kitchen remodeling project, or if you’re building a new home/office building and need a place to keep your refrigerator during the transition. Or maybe you just bought a new refrigerator but haven’t decided whether to sell your old one or give it to a friend or family member.

Prepping Your Refrigerator for Storage

Prepping your refrigerator for storage at our Sioux City storage facility involves several steps. First, drain the ice and water maker and make sure the fridge is completely dry. Also, clean the inside and outside of the fridge and remove all traces of dirt and moisture. A few days before you bring your refrigerator to our local storage center, you’ll need to defrost it. Allow around three days for a full defrost. When storage day arrives, tape the doors shut before moving the refrigerator to our location. Once you’ve loaded the fridge into your storage unit, leave the doors slightly ajar to prevent moisture buildup and promote a completely dry interior. And of course, don’t forget to store the fridge in its normal, upright position.

What to Consider

Here are some things to consider before and during the time your refrigerator is stored:
  • Create a budget for refrigerator storage
  • Line up a replacement fridge
  • Decide how long you want to store the fridge at our Sioux City storage center
  • Rent a truck to bring the fridge from your home to Elite Self Storage

How We Can Help

In terms of safety and convenience, an Elite Self Storage manager is onsite seven days a week and available by phone after hours to discuss your contract, billing, or emergency needs. Our video surveillance system records our entire property 24/7, and our convenient ClickandStor® move-in process is available any time that’s convenient for you. Additionally, we have a wide range of storage supplies and can provide you with dollies, disc locks, and cylinder locks. Specific to the storage units themselves, we take every precaution. Not only are our units pest-proof, but we also offer climate-controlled units that are perfect for items like electronics, artwork, and musical instruments. Our convenient location just minutes from Highway 75 North is another big plus to working with us. And when you arrive, you’ll find a well-lit facility that offers wide concrete driveways, covered and uncovered parking spaces, and easy drive-up storage since all of our units are at ground level.

Call Now for Availability of Units in Sioux City

If you’ve been thinking about how to store home appliances such as your refrigerator, Elite Self Storage is the answer. Our clean, secure facility offers a broad selection of storage spaces in all