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March 30, 2021

Is it Safe to Store Electronics in a Storage Unit in Sioux City?

Store your valuable electronics in the right way and the right type of storage unit. Call now to find available units that meet your needs!

Whether you’re an audiophile, a cinephile, or someone who just likes electronics in general, chances are you’ve asked yourself at least once, “Is it safe to store electronics in a storage unit?” The answer, at least as it pertains to Elite Self Storage in Sioux City, is a definite “yes”. 

How to Store Electronics 

Choose a Climate-Controlled Unit 

When it comes to electronics, almost any element or weather condition can lead to dire consequences for items that are stored incorrectly. To protect your electronics from the seasonal whims of Mother Nature and fluctuations in temperature that can cause dangerous electrical surges, it’s essential to choose a climate-controlled storage unit. 

By opting for climate-controlled long-term storage near Sioux City, you’ll avoid exposing your electronics to conditions that are too:

Windy: Dust and other particles traveling through the air can easily find their way into small openings or air vents and clog electronics systems.   

Hot: Excess heat can warp plastic, damage parts, and shorten device battery life.

Humid: Environments lacking in humidity will put your electronics at risk for static discharge, while too much humidity can lead to potentially damaging condensation.

Cold: When stored in a place that’s too cold to support functionality, many electronics will go into automatic shutdown mode.

Unplug Everything 

It’s a good idea to unplug everything and keep all cords and wires separate from the electronic apparatus. Also, before detaching any electronic connections, it’s a good idea to take a picture of the back of each item so you know which wire goes in which outlet. 

Use Bubble Wrap 

If possible, use the original electronic storage boxes with the original packing material for storing. This is always the best way to pack and store electronics since you know the items already fit perfectly in their specially designed product boxes. If you don’t have the original boxes, wrap them in anti-static bubble wrap. This will absorb any bumps or jostles that occur during the moving process. Cover monitors and screens with cotton, canvas, or cardboard to minimize the amount of dust that collects on the screen itself. For added protection, drop a filler material into each box, and then completely seal the boxes with packing tape. 

Avoid wrapping items in plastic, as it will electronics susceptible to moisture build-up and condensation, which overtime will negatively impact overall device functionality.

Store in The Back of The Unit

For maximum protection, store all of your electronic items in the back of the storage unit. Remember to not store large screen TVs flat on the floor–instead, store these and other similarly large items by covering them with a blanket or a sheet and leaning them against the wall of the storage unit. Lastly, storing anything on top of your electronics is a big no-no, as doing so could damage the items.

How We Can Help

Before, during, and after the process of storing your electronic items at our Sioux City storage facility, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team with any questions that come up. Our expertise is yours to tap into at any time, whether you need moving and packing supplies or want to take a tour of our facility to confirm the perfect size unit for your items. We know you have several options as far as nearby places to store electronics, and we look forward to showing you why Elite Self Storage is the right choice.