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how to store small appliances in sioux city
April 30, 2021

Can Small Appliances be Stored in the Cold in Sioux City?

When storing small appliances in the cold, it’s important to not only find the right storage unit but to also take the necessary precautions when packing and moving. Of course, it also helps to work with a local self-storage center like Elite Self-Storage, where you’ll find affordably priced climate-controlled storage solutions for every type of belonging. 

How Does a Change in Temperature Impact Small Appliances? 

Can appliances be stored in the cold? The answer is yes, as long as you take the right steps to protect them. If you don’t, chances are you’ll be shopping for a new microwave or coffee maker come springtime. Pipes and tubes are liable to freeze and burst, and the same is true for glass components that crack while trying to withstand frigid climes. Another threat to small appliances is condensation that makes its way into sensitive electronic components and causes them to short out. 

Types of Small Appliances

The technical definition of a small appliance is anything that’s a) portable or semi-portable and small enough to fit in a tight space and b) used to accomplish a household task. A quick look around your kitchen will confirm the type and quantity of your small appliances – basically, any device that you keep on a tabletop, countertop, or other areas where space is limited.  Examples of small appliances:
  • Microwave oven
  • Toaster
  • Food processor
  • Coffeemaker
  • Electric can-opener

How to Store Small Appliances in Cold Temperatures

Ready to store your small appliances for winter? Here are four simple steps to follow:


Protect your investment and give your memory a hand by making a list of what you have. This will save you from having to hunt around and unwrap things to ID them later, and it will also come in handy if you ever have to make an insurance claim. Include the name of each appliance, along with a photo for easy identification and proof of ownership.

Clean and Dry 

Take the time to thoroughly clean your appliances before storage. This means dusting all flat surfaces and wiping down things such as filters, grids, and tubes – anywhere that air can get in. Clean out any stray food particles and be extra vigilant about ensuring the appliance is dry. Water has a way of sticking around in hoses, lines, and tanks, so make sure you drain everything before putting the appliance into storage. Water can lead to problems such as mold and component damage.

Packing and Protection

Take the time to secure each appliance’s moving parts so there’s no chance of breakage during the transition into your storage space. Wrapping film and moving tape are must-haves, along with blankets and bubble wrap to protect your belongings from scratches and dents.

Store with Elite Self-Storage Today

For affordable, secure self-storage near Sioux City, give Elite Self-Storage a call today. We’re happy to answer your questions about cold weather storage for appliances. Plus, we’ll give you tips for how to clean, pack, and store your items so they’re safe year-round.