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self storage tips
August 15, 2021

Storage Tips in Sioux City

You need to follow certain protocols to ensure your belongings are stored properly. Call now to find an available unit that meets your needs!
Self-storage, both of the short- and long-term storage variety, is an ideal solution for relocating home furnishings and items during a move or a remodel, or for simply freeing up some space in your home. There are plenty of tricks and tips that can simplify the process while saving you time and headaches, and here Elite Self Storage discusses some of our favorites. 

Buy a Strong Lock

Buying a strong lock is one of the first steps to take when it comes to securing your self-storage unit. Do some research on your own or tap into the expertise offered by our experienced team and invest in a sturdy lock that can’t be easily tampered with. Even though our facilities have a strong safety system that includes security cameras and 24/7 personnel, you can get premium peace of mind by using a lock that you can set and forget.

Non Perishables

Even if you only need dry-stacked short-term storage, you still shouldn’t store any perishable items in your self-storage unit. In addition to creating foul odors, rotting food and plants will attract bugs and rodents, making for an unpleasant sight when you return to retrieve your belongings. 

Pack to Protect

Want to prevent your items from getting damaged? Take the time to properly pack and wrap them. For example, furniture should be covered with blankets or moving pads. Avoid plastic since it can trap moisture and lead to mildew and mold. Make sure to box up all of your small items and do the same with fragile items while also carefully wrapping them in packing paper and storing them in a way that they can’t move around.

Stick to a Packing Strategy

You might not know at the time of storage when or how often you’ll need to access your unit during the storage period, so organize everything in a way that makes access easy. This includes using the front of the unit for storing items you’re more likely to need while placing in the back those things that you know you can live without for a while. Also, think vertically: instead of a mass of boxes that are low to the floor, take advantage of the unit’s height and stack your items from heaviest to lightest. Lastly, leave a pathway so you can reach your boxes easily and safely.

Inventory Everything

Inventorying has two advantages: for one, it helps you determine what size unit you’re likely going to need. And two, it helps you stay organized once everything is in the unit. Just a general overview will suffice of what you intend to store in the unit – for example, two dressers and six medium boxes. Based on what you inventory, you’ll be able to use our online self-storage unit calculator to select the best fit for your things.

Store the Right Way, Today

Following these self-storage tips goes a long way towards ensuring you have the best storage experience possible at our Sioux City self-storage facility. With a little bit of pre-planning and some attention to detail, your belongings will be kept safe and in good condition for when you’re ready to pick them up. Take the time to do it right–you’ll be glad you did.