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September 22, 2021

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Yearly Self-Storage?

The yearly cost for self-storage depends on where the unit is, what features it comes with, its size, and more. Call now to find an available unit!
Storage facilities such as Elite Self-Storage offer a variety of options for their customers, from indoor locker-size units to large outdoor spaces. Not surprisingly, storage unit yearly cost varies greatly–usually in the range of $720/year – $3,600/year. The final price depends on where the unit is, what features it comes with, its size, and more. 

Factors that Impact Cost


On average, large self-storage units cost more than small ones. Let’s use 5’ x 5’ as a baseline for the smallest-size unit, for $60/month. If you only have a few items, a 5’ x 5’ could work. A good marker for a midsize storage space is 10’ x 15’, with an average cost of $95 per month. And for a large self-storage unit, i.e. one that’s big enough to store a car or a boat, or the furniture for a multi-bedroom home, the average cost is around $200/month. Before you sign a contract, we recommend touring our facility so you can size up your options. Also, remember that with strategic packing and storing, you may be able to utilize a smaller unit and save some money. 

Time of Year

Self-storage units are in high demand during the summer months, between college students looking for a place to stash their stuff and families relocating to new cities before the next school year starts. Contrarily, demand is usually lower in Fall and Winter months, which brings correspondingly lower prices. 


Depending on what you’d like to store, you might need to invest in special features such as a storage unit with climate control. This feature is essential for protecting items such as furniture and electronics during extreme weather conditions, both heat, and cold. Elite Self-Storage offers climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled storage units, with the former being more expensive than the latter. However, if you have sensitive/valuable items then the added expense is more than worth it. 

Short-Term Needs vs. Long-Term Needs

Short-term storage is considered anything that is stored for three months or less, whereas long-term storage is a prolonged storage period of at least three months, which goes well with the seasonal storing of clothes and furniture. When comparing short-term vs. long-term storage, it is important to understand the differences in terms of cost and accessibility to your belongings. Each method has its pros and cons, as well as rules. This can be a complex topic, but you can count on our local storage experts to break down the major differences and ensure you make the right decision.

Find a Storage Unit Today

The price of a storage unit can vary greatly, so it’s important to be aware of what features you need and what your budget is. Count on Elite Self-Storage to help you flesh out your requirements and crunch the financial numbers so you obtain the perfect fit at our local self-storage facility