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October 15, 2021

What to Expect for a Month of Storage in Sioux City

Whether you need long term or short term storage for your belongings, find out what you can expect to pay each month
Whether you recently became an Elite Self-Storage customer or you’re interested in working with us, you’re probably wondering what to expect for a month of storage in Sioux City. The two biggest questions are, “How much does monthly storage cost?” and “What do I get in return?” 

Expectations for a Month of Storage in Sioux City


For most people, the cost is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing where and for how long to self-store their belongings. In last month’s blog, we spent some time breaking down average costs, so we’ll recap things here. A 5’ x 5’ unit, which is the smallest we offer, costs around $60/month. Our midsize storage spaces start around 10’ x 10’, which is a popular size for many people. The average cost for one of these is approximately $110 per month. Meanwhile, large self-storage units big enough to store a boat or all of the furniture in a multi-bedroom home average about $200/month.  Since we offer a variety of options for our customers, it’s best to contact us first and let us know what you’re looking to store so we can provide the most cost-effective solution. Monthly self-storage costs can vary considerably, with the final price dependent on where the unit is, what features it comes with, its size, and more. 

Climate Control

Depending on the nature of the items you want to store and the time of year, you may decide to choose a humidified or dehumidified storage unit to ensure the safety and condition of your belongings. Also, you should expect monthly benefits from our free pest control, which covers the entire facility.


Our facility is highly secure. The main access gate requires an electronic code, as does each building. We also utilize a state-of-the-art video surveillance system and feature ample lighting in all areas. Plus, we offer durable cylinder locks and disc locks for all of our units. Our experienced team is onsite seven days a week, and a manager is always available after hours either by phone or on-site. 


All of our storage units are at ground level, with wide avenues of approach so you can pull your car, truck, or trailer right up to your unit whenever you want, 24/7. Dollies and flatbed carts are always available for free use, and if you need packing supplies and moving supplies, you can purchase them on-site. We have a full range of packing solutions, including boxes of all shapes and sizes along with a variety of covers that you can use to protect your furniture, vehicle, and electronics. Also, if while you’re here you want to attend to any work-related matters, you’ll find what you need in our onsite Business Center.

Start Storing in Sioux City Today

From decreasing clutter around the home to having a safe place over the winter for RVs and campers, Elite Self-Storage is the ideal solution for Sioux City residents. Contact us today to discuss our available self-storage units, your needs, and how we can find the perfect match for both.