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March 1, 2023

Essential List of Moving Supplies in Sioux City

Learn the essential list of moving supplies to create including boxes, box cutters, packing tapes and bubble wraps.
Moving can be hectic but exciting at the same time. Lots of planning is required to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. At the same time, you’re excited to finally move into your new space that ticks all the boxes after a long search. Since you’ll be packing a lot, preparing in advance is essential by creating a list of moving supplies. This helps save time and minimize anxiety. At Elite Self-Storage, we recommend getting a self-storage unit in Sioux City to make your packing plan easier. It’s a great idea if you’re moving to a much smaller space than your previous house. We also have the moving supplies you need to ensure a stress-free move. Here are the essential moving supplies you need for a breezy packing experience.


Boxes are your primary moving supplies. You need lots of boxes depending on the number of items you have. Consider the items you want to pack and choose sizes accordingly. Avoid overpacking boxes as they are cumbersome to transport and could damage your personal belongings. Have varying sizes to avoid this issue. Large boxes can hold bulky but lightweight items, while small boxes can hold small but slightly heavy items. You can also use small boxes for fragile items such as glassware. Just make sure you get one with dividers to prevent breakage. You can get all box sizes at Elite Self Storage.

Packing Tape

Standard packing tape is important for sealing boxes once you’re done packing. This is an important step if you’re moving a long distance. You also want to consider sealing the boxes to avoid damage and breakage if the box falls.

Packing Paper

You’re going to need plenty of packing paper. You will need it for building boxes and sealing them once they’re full. Avoid using newspapers to replace packing paper, as it can ruin your items with ink. Packing paper is essential for wrapping breakable items and filling boxes.

Bubble Wrap

All homes have a collection of fragile items that could break during moving and cause massive losses. To avoid such incidents, get a roll or two of bubble wrap to provide the needed cushion at the bottom of the boxes. Bubble cushioning is perfect for providing extra padding around porcelain, glass, and ceramic items when placed in boxes.

Labels, Stickers, and Markers

Create a labeling system that is unique to your packing style and preference. You can use letters, numbers, and colors to know what boxes go where. Labeling makes unpacking easy as it eliminates guesswork. If you’re using labels, place them on the top and side of each box and make sure they are clear and visible. To improve your labeling system, use permanent markers. This ensures that the contents of your writing are visible even during inclement weather.

Box Cutter

A box cutter is an essential tool you want to keep close to you while moving as it allows you to open sealed boxes easily. It makes clear, precise cuts from one edge to another, giving you enough space to remove items easily. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful if you prepare well in advance. Whether you need moving supplies or declutter before moving, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to contact Elite Self Storage to book a climate-controlled unit for some items you don’t use regularly. We have different storage unit sizes to fit small and large items like boats, trucks, and RVs.