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April 1, 2023

Tips for Storing Collectables in a Storage Unit in Sioux City

Tips for storing collectibles in a storage unit in Sioux City include using proper storage boxes and containers.
Whether you’re a collector or have developed a new hobby of collecting various items, your collection is part of you. To others, it may be worth a few thousand dollars, but for you, it’s priceless. A storage unit is one of the best places to store your collectibles safely and in pristine condition. If you don’t have a storage unit, Elite Self Storage in Sioux City has different sizes of storage units worth checking. Our units are climate-controlled and use the most modern locking system to ensure your valuables are safe. Contact our team to book one, or visit our website to check available sizes.

4 Common Types of Collectibles

If you’re unsure what collectibles should go into your storage, here are a few common types you should know.


Antiques take up plenty of space and can grow in size relatively fast, especially if they blend well with glass, furniture, and ceramic decorations. You can keep them in a clean, dry self-storage unit.

Comics and Trading Cards

Trading cards, including sports cards like basketball cards and baseball cards, are popular collector’s items. Comic books are perennially-popular collectibles that we don’t throw away. When storing them in a storage unit, put them in Mylar bags that are custom-fitted to the book.


Stamps are small and easy to store and have a tremendous amount of variety. They are usually held in special binders on acid-free paper protected by plastic. This makes the stamp easy to display, store and organize.

Action Figures

You can keep action figures in a plastic or cardboard box in which they were originally sold. You can also keep them in an additional bag or plastic wrap to protect them.

General Tips for Storing Collectibles

Follow these general tips when storing collectibles in a storage unit.

Use appropriate boxes and storage containers

Your first step in ensuring that your collectibles stay in good condition is getting the right storage supplies. Decide which items go into cardboard boxes and which can go into plastic containers. Generally, small things can go into the containers, while more oversized and bulky items can go into the boxes. You may need other supplies, such as markers, scissors, plastic sleeves, bubble wrap, and many others. If you don’t have these, you can buy your storage supplies at Elite Self Storage.

Consider a climate-controlled unit

The unit you want to store your collectibles must be conducive to maintaining their quality. Extra temperatures can damage your collectibles in the long term. That’s why Elite Self Storage offers climate-controlled units to ensure everything you store stays in good condition.

Organize your collectibles before storing

This is not only obvious, but also important as it makes your work easier. Putting everything in their storage containers and boxes and labeling them helps reduce confusion and time wastage when storing.

Find a Storage Unit Today!

A self-storage unit allows you to store small and large items in the short term or long term periods. Elite Self Storage offers affordable storage units in Sioux City and the surrounding areas. No matter how much or how little you need to store, we have a unit that’s the right size for you. Contact us today for more information.