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May 1, 2023

How to Find a Secure Self-Storage Facility in Sioux City

Find out how to find a secure self-storage facility in Sioux City and the importance of facility security features.
Self-storage units have many benefits. They provide storage for items you don’t have room for in your house. They also come in handy when you’re moving and need a place to store your items temporarily. However, nothing will put your mind to ease, like knowing you have found a secure self-storage facility. You won’t have to worry about damage or the risk of your items getting lost.

How to Know Your Storage Unit is Secured?

When renting out a unit, you pay for more than the space you’ll use. You’re also paying for the security of your items. It would be devastating to move your business inventory or entire house to a storage unit, only for some items to go missing. It’s important to ask about the facility’s security. Even better, take a tour to see the security on the ground. After that, you’ll have more confidence that you’re renting the right place.

Important Self-Storage Facility Security Features

When looking for a secure self-storage facility, some of the features to look for include the following.

A Facility With Layers of Protection

There are a few security features you should look for in a self-storage facility. For instance, is the perimeter fenced and secured by a strong gate? This shows that you can’t access the property unless you have rented a unit in that place or you work there. If the facility uses electronic key codes to enter and exit the property, the better. Another important layer of protection is video surveillance. If something bad happens, it will be recorded. This makes it easy to identify intruders and apprehend them. Also, having an employee supervising the area throughout is advantageous. Even if the facility doesn’t operate 24 hours a day, having someone on the ground can prevent potential theft.

Proper Lighting in All Areas

The storage facility needs to have proper lighting in all places. This can help deter trespassers. The lighting should work properly and be repaired quickly when not working. Aside from contributing to security, efficient lighting is essential when visiting the unit. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a poorly lit aisle, struggling to locate your storage unit.

Environmental Protection Matters Too

The units also need to be properly sealed from environmental elements like rain. Picture finding your favorite couch has been damaged by water because the unit was leaking when it rained. You would be frustrated. Climate controlled storage units ensure your items aren’t exposed to floods, rust, and corrosion.

A Well Maintained Property

Intruders always look for vulnerabilities in a property to break into. It can be something like a broken keypad or damaged fencing. When these things happen, the company should address them promptly. Facilities that lack the right resources to maintain a property are more likely to be broken into.

Don’t Skimp on Insurance

It’s good to check the type of insurance the company offers. You never know when bad things will happen, such as fire, floods, or anything else that can damage your items. Check what the policy covers. If it’s not extensive, you may have to get additional cover just in case security is breached. You can also check in with your home or renters insurance agent to see if your policy covers items located in a storage unit. If you’re looking for secure self-storage units, contact Elite Self Storage. We are committed to providing comfortable and secure storage for residents in Sioux City and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information.