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April 15, 2021

How to Find a Safe Self-Storage Facility in Iowa

When looking for safe self-storage in Sioux City, it’s important to identify providers that offer several important amenities such as 24-hour video monitoring, gated entry, and a well-lit environment. These types of security benefits are essential for protecting your stored items from theft and damage.

Searching for a Facility 

1. Security Cameras 

Security cameras confirm a self-storage facility’s commitment to protecting your things. 24/7 recording and monitoring are invaluable when it comes to resolving company/tenant disputes as well as confirming the identity of burglars and vandals. Break-ins are rare, but when they do happen the relevant security footage is crucial when working with police to apprehend the suspect. 

2. Gated Access

Gated access offers a welcome level of security to a self-storage facility. Because access to the gated area is limited to storage center employees and customers, the chances of unwanted visitors are greatly reduced. Restricted entry puts doubts in the minds of those who might have malicious intentions, and even if they decide to proceed with their plan, cameras at the gate and throughout the facility will track their every move. 

3. Security Guards On-Premise 

Security guards are another factor in the quest for secure safe storage since they help protect a facility by mitigating risks such as assaults, thefts, and vandalism. With onsite security, suspicious activity can be detected early and the necessary action is taken before a bigger problem manifests. Also, security guards can help local law enforcement solve a crime by offering their eyewitness input and assisting with the review of video surveillance systems.

4. Lighting 

Effective, well-designed lighting is essential to preventing break-ins and theft at a self-storage center. Any burglar scoping out potential properties will be wary of a brightly-lit facility where their illegal activity will be easy to spot. And when security lighting is thoughtfully dispersed across the parking lot, unit driveways, and corridors, it becomes virtually impossible for a thief to hide. 

5. Insurance 

A self-storage center that offers tenant insurance for belongings has a leg up on other facilities that put the insurance onus on the tenant. A good storage partner will provide you with the coverage you need to protect your items in storage without affecting your current insurance policies. A comprehensive insurance plan, one that covers damage to your belongings in the event of a variety of circumstances such as fire, water damage, and burglary, is a must. Moreover, make sure that the self-storage center you’re considering follows a policy of filing claims through their own insurance company, rather than the tenant’s insurance company. For business owners who may already have an insurance policy that covers equipment and other items in a self-storage unit, it may be beneficial to invest in the additional insurance offered by a self-storage facility. This supplemental coverage might prove very useful, especially for covering the cost of items that may not be covered by your standard business insurance policy. 

Elite Self-Storage Offers All the Security Features You’re Looking for in Sioux City

The convenience of renting a local self-storage unit can’t be matched – and when paired with comprehensive safety features like those offered by Elite Self-Storage, maximum peace of mind is assured for Sioux City residents. Contact our team and let’s discuss your self-storage needs today.