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August 1, 2023

Storage When Moving: How Sioux City Storage Units Can Help During The Transition

Need temporary furniture storage in Sioux City? Book a storage unit while moving in our convenient Sioux City location.
In a perfect world, moving would be simple. You would easily pack up all your items, move out of your old place and directly into your new place, and everything would fit. In the real world, though, it seldom works out this way. Perhaps your move was sudden or you want to get to know the new city before choosing a home and neighborhood, and you don’t have a new place lined up yet. Maybe you need to close on your old home before your new home is ready for move-in. It could be that you want to declutter and downsize before moving, either for easier home staging or to simplify the packing process. In any case, the big question is, what do I do with my STUFF? Don’t worry, there are options and we can help! Calculate how much storage space you need

Moving & Storage: Top Temporary Storage Options in IA

If you’re moving in or out of Sioux City, you have a few good options for temporary furniture storage. There is no single solution that will work for everyone, so it’s important to consider your specific situation when deciding.

Moving Companies With Storage Options

Many moving companies offer temporary storage for clients they provide moving services for. This may simplify your situation if you only need storage for a few weeks and won’t need your items until your final move. However, if you’re unsure of when your permanent housing will be available or you will need to get some of your things in or out during the interim, this may not be a great option for you.

Portable Storage Containers

If you’re looking for simplicity, you may consider having a portable storage container delivered to your old home. You can choose whatever size you need and pack it at your own leisure. When you’re all done, a professional company will move it to its final destination. It’s a simple solution, but you might need a permit to store a container on your property, and it might not be a great look for open houses. You also may not be able to store it at your temporary housing, which would leave you paying additional external storage fees. Depending on what you are storing, a portable storage container may get too hot, cold, or humid for your items to stay safe for very long.

Self Storage Units Benefits

If neither of the above options make sense in your situation or you are looking for alternative temporary storage solutions in Sioux City, renting a self storage unit while moving may make sense for you.
  • Affordability: You pay just for the storage you need, and you’ll know what it costs, with no surprises.
  • Climate Controlled: Many of the most common items people put into a storage unit while moving need to be kept at stable temperatures to avoid damage.
  • Security: Our Sioux City self storage facility is well-lit and has a surveillance system, gated entrance, and trusted locks for security
  • Flexibility: It’s easy to adjust your storage time or unit using our online system, or you can ask our customer service team for help.
  • Accessibility: Our convenient location in Sioux City is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case you need to get anything out of or into your storage unit.

Find A Unit

You have enough to worry about when relocating. That’s why we make finding a storage unit while moving as easy as possible. Contact us today to learn about our availability and features and store your items with confidence!