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April 1, 2024

Security Measures in Iowa Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities have come a long way in the last century, but security measures and other features vary widely from facility to facility. Still, there are some basic elements that you should expect from a modern secure self-storage unit. Find an available secure self-storage unit in Sioux City IA.

Key Security Features

Modern technology has vastly improved self-storage security in Iowa and beyond. Our Sioux City Self-Storage staff recognizes that security means much more than a padlock on your individual storage unit. Our self-storage facility offers the following features to ensure that your belongings are secure:
  • Gated entrance with code
  • Electronic building access with code
  • Well-lit exterior
  • Secure locks 
  • Onsite management 
  • Office open 7 days a week
  • Recorded video surveillance

How Facilities Ensure Safety

In addition to simply providing security measures, self-storage facilities must be actively committed to ensuring the safety of all customers and their belongings. A well-practiced security protocol at Iowa self-storage facilities includes many components.

A secure perimeter

At a top self-storage facility in Iowa, security protects from the outside in. Though many storage facilities offer online booking options, it’s a good idea to actually visit the storage facility location and see how secure it looks. The entire property should be well-lit, clean, and free of obstacles that make it easy for criminals to hide.

Video surveillance

Security cameras may seem an obvious part of any modern business, but quality and placement truly make a difference. Video cameras should capture and record both the inside and outside of the self-storage facility, and they should be monitored for a fast response when necessary.


Strategic lighting goes a long way toward contributing to self-storage security. The media often depicts storage units as being at the end of a dark hallway, isolated and menacing, but that’s not the case at our top Iowa self-storage facility. Both interior hallways and exterior areas are bright and well-lit for maximum visibility.

Access Control

Most storage unit customers want 24/7 access to their belongings. In order to safely provide round-the-clock availability without sacrificing security, self-storage facilities can invest in electronic access to exterior gates as well as to each storage unit. This helps to ensure that no unauthorized people are present and makes it easier to keep the facility secure in the long term.

On-site staff

Another important aspect of security is having live staff available for assistance. You shouldn’t feel alone or unsafe while loading and unloading. Our secure Iowa self-storage facility has a staffed office and an on-call facilities manager after hours.

Emergency Response

Even with the best organization and planning, things can go wrong. An experienced and reputable self-storage facility has a clear evacuation and emergency plan with easy-to-locate emergency exits. 

Peace of Mind for Iowa Self-Storage Customers

Many factors influence your choice of a high-quality self-storage unit in Iowa. With Elite Self Storage, you can have secure self-storage at a price and location that fits your lifestyle. Contact us today to book a unit or take a tour.