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March 30, 2019
Seasonal Self Storage Tips
Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that different seasons call for different storage needs. You have a variety of things to consider when the weather outside changes. You might need climate controlled storage or another new feature. Maybe you’ve just recently discovered that you really only need certain items in your home for a […]
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January 15, 2019
How Frequently Should You Clean Your Self Storage Unit?
When you start using a storage unit, there are a few things to think about. What size unit do you need? What kinds of services do you need your self storage facility to offer? And, perhaps most importantly, how often do you need to clean your storage unit? You want to make sure that your […]
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December 30, 2018
Self Storage for SMBs: A Guide
Some people may think that storage units really only have personal uses. They’re a great way to store paintings or other sensitive items in a climate-controlled environment. They can be used to store vehicles during the winter season. Or they can simply be used to hold stuff that your house doesn’t have the room for. […]
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December 15, 2018
What If I Need To Upgrade My Storage Unit?
Here at Elite Self Storage, we make it easy to find a storage unit that suits your needs. Are you looking for climate controlled storage? Are you in need of a unit that fits a vehicle like a boat or RV? We’ve got these options and more. Of course, we also make it easy to […]
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October 15, 2018
Packing and Storing Your Clothes the Right Way
Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that taking some extra time to properly prepare for a move can make a big difference. That means packing everything right the first time and ensuring that it stays in great condition, no matter where you plan to take it. It’s especially important to pack your clothes correctly, […]
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September 30, 2018
5 Things to Look for in a Self Storage Facility
Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that you have a lot of choices when you’re looking for a self storage facility. You also probably have a lot of different criteria for choosing the perfect place. Well, as experts in the field, we think that we can let you know exactly what to look for. […]
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September 15, 2018
Storing Instruments the Right Way
Here at Elite Self Storage, we know not everyone has the same storage needs. Depending on what you’re storing, the value of your items, and a variety of other factors, you may need to change your approach to renting a storage locker. One particularly tricky group of items are musical instruments. If you’re storing a […]
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August 15, 2018
Short Term Self Storage and Your Move
Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that a move can be stressful. You have to gather up everything you own, figure out what you actually need, and pack up your things, hoping the whole time that you’re not forgetting something crucial. We think that we have a way to reduce your stress levels. When […]
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July 30, 2018
5 Tips for Securing Your Self Storage Facility
When it comes to self-storage solutions, we know that security is always one of the top priorities of our customers. No one wants to worry about their belongings being stolen once they’ve stored them away in a locker. That’s why our security features are one of our biggest selling points here at Elite Self Storage. […]
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July 15, 2018
Storing Art and Paintings in Self Storage
Here at Elite Self Storage, we know that storage solutions aren’t one size fits all. Depending on what you need to store, the features you need from your storage unit are going to change. That’s why our self-storage facility offers so many options, including storage lockers that are perfect for fragile items like artwork. You […]
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